Photo of Labmat® Liner and Sheets

Labmat® Liner and Sheets

Disposable Labmat™ Bench and Drawer Liners simplify clean-up chores and safeguards work a surface from stains, spills and wear. The flexible polyethylene film backing is non-skid and prevents soak-through of most solutions. The highly absorbent upper surface traps water, dyes, corrosive chemicals and radioactive solutions. The entire sheet can be rolled up and discarded after contamination. Labmat™ Liner is 50.8 cm wide (20") and is packed in 15.2-meter (50 ft.) rolls, each in a handy dispenser carton. Required footage is easily cut off with scissors while the roll is retained in the dispenser.
Cat. No. Mfr. No. Title Price Quantity
M2297-1 F246750000 Labmat® Liner and Sheets
M2297-2 F246751000 Labmat® Liner and Sheets