Surface Protectors

Photo of Cement Board Mats. Boekel
Asbestos free. Composed of calcium silicate, natural and man-made organic fibers. Offers excellent thermal protection when heating over an open flame. An effective protection against scorching of bench or table surfaces. (Sample Photo Shown. Individual items may differ from the image shown.)
Photo of Lab Safety Mats
The Fischer Technical Lab Safety mat features non-slip silicone rubber. It is available in red or black with temperature resistance up to 260° C. The dimensions are 250mm x 250mm on the regular mat and 350mm x 350mm on the large mat.
Photo of Labmat® Liner and Sheets
Disposable Labmat™ Bench and Drawer Liners simplify clean-up chores and safeguards work a surface from stains, spills and wear. The flexible polyethylene film backing is non-skid and prevents soak-through of most solutions. The highly absorbent upper surface traps water, dyes, corrosive chemicals and radioactive solutions. The entire sheet can be rolled up and discarded after contamination. Labmat™ Liner is 50.8 cm wide (20") and is packed in 15.2-meter (50 ft.) rolls, each in a handy dispenser carton.
Photo of Covamat® Lining
Clear polyethylene ribbed matting can be used for lining laboratory tables, shelves, trays, etc. It is easily trimmed and also works well under drums or carboys. .25mm (.010") with .7mm (.030") thick ribs, 76cm (30") wide x 15.2 meter (50 ft.) and 4.6 meter (15 ft.) roll. 1 roll per box.
Photo of Nalgene 6283 CleanSheets Polyethylene Lab Bench and Drawer Liner

Nalgene 6283 CleanSheets Lab Bench, Shelf and Drawer Liner is made of white cross-linked polyethylene foam 1/8-inch (3-mm) thick material. Comes in 50-foot (15-m) rolls in three widths; fits standard bench tops (30-in.), drawers (18-in.) and shelves (12-in.). Use it to line sinks, drawers, benches or shelves. Anywhere protection is needed against chemicals, vibration, heat, dirt, breakage. Can be cut to any size and stapled, tacked or taped. Meets OSHA Standard 29 CFR Part 1910.1030 for use as protection against blood borne pathogens.

Photo of Ahlstrom Polyshield Fluid Barrier Matting
Ahlstrom's Polyshield Fluid Barrier is a super absorbent, pure cellulose paper with an impermeable polyethylene backing that absorbs splatters and spills, and protects work areas from contamination and damage by toxic, infectious, corrosive, radioactive or staining materials. Smooth, firm surface does not inhibit stability of bottles or tubes, and allows recovery of dry spills. Liquid samples can be recovered by washing the absorbed spill from the inert surface with the appropriate buffer. Disposal is safe, easy and ashes readily upon incineration.
Photo of Dynalon Ribbed Heavy Weight Bench Liner, Polyethylene

For lining shelves, drawers or use as a floor liner. 5 times as thick as normal shelf/drawer liner. Ribs hold dirt and spills Clear polyethylene ribbed matting. Perfect floor liner goes down quickly and lies flat. Ribs hold dirt until it can be wiped away. As a shelf and drawer liner, heavy weight matting is five (5) times as thick as normal shelf liner. Easily cut with regular scissors but it won't tear! Also useful under drums or carboys. Heavy weight matting is .036" thick with ribs.