Photo of SensiTron® / 0760 Cleanroom Gloves. MAPA Spontex
SensiTron® / 0760's unique post manufacturing cleaning process ensures consistent low level particles, extractables and non-volatile residues for class M2.5 and higher cleanroom compatibility. Hand specific, surgical glove design offers maximum comfort and reduces hand fatigue. Sizes embossed on each glove cuff for easy size I.D. SensiTron® gloves contain low levels of natural rubber proteins for reduced skin irritation. Rolled cuff minimizes tearing when donning. Length of 12" with excellent cuff taper keeps glove up on garment sleeve.
Photo of Stansolv®/A-10CR Nitrile Cleanroom Solvent Gloves. MAPA Spontex
STANSOLV® A-10CR gloves provide hand protection against solvents and other chemicals that attack natural rubber. Ideal for solvent-based photo-resists, caustic developer solutions, and organic-based strippers. Used for semiconductor wet processes using solvent-based strippers, etchants, and cleaners. Also used for handling cleanroom and clean process acids, caustics, and solvents. Case-hardened finish for added chemical resistance. Easy on/off. Gloves resist organic solvents such as xylene, perchloroethylene, freon, ethylene glycol ether, and Cellosolve®.
Photo of Rollpruf®/0726 Triple Polymer Latex Cleanroom Gloves. Mapa Spontex
RollPruf®/0726 tri-polymer blend in 8 mil, hand specific design provides optimum comfort, reduced hand fatigue, with durability and strength uncommon to latex gloves. Color band at rolled cuff edge identifies size and grips garment sleeve. Light bisque finish provides outstanding wet and dry grip. Sizes ranging from 6 - 10 including half sizes 6½ - 8½ provide exact fit for working hands; large or small. Bulk pack RollPruf 0726 offers class M2.5 compatible cleanliness level.
Photo of TRILites®/994 Triple Polymer Powder-Free Gloves. MAPA Spontex
TRILites®/994 by MAPA Professional are a bagged, 6-mil ambi design and are made of a unique tri-polymer blend of neoprene, nitrile and natural rubber. TRILite® gloves provide the comfort of latex exam gloves with added strength, tear resistance and chemical splash protection. 10" length with full range of sizes from Small through X-Large for and exact fit. Textured fingertips with lightly halogenated finish for optimum tactility and grip; wet or dry. Exclusive finish minimizes tape and label sticking to gloves. Powder-free for no cross contamination.
Photo of NiProTect CC®/CC-529 Ambidextrous Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves. MAPA Spontex
Improved NiProTect® CC/529 (critically clean) 4 mil, 100% nitrile ambi design provides superior tactility, puncture and abrasion resistance. Generally out-performs natural rubber and soft nitrile ambi gloves in most chemicals. MAPA's unique 100% nitrile formulation eliminates protein allergy concerns and exhibits excellent ESD properties and chemical splash protection. Lightly bisqued fingertips offer best possible wet & dry grip. 12" (30.5 cm) length. Broader taper cuffs facilitate easier donning and double gloving. Rolled cuff (bead) helps keep glove up and reduces rolldown.
Photo of Microflex UL-315 Ultra One Extended Cuff Powder-Free Latex Gloves

The Ultra One glove is a popular choice in laboratory, industrial and EMS environments. It offers durability and solid protection while providing the tactile sensitivity of an examination glove. Made from non-sterile, ambidextrous 9.8 mil natural latex material. Textured fingers for a secure grip in wet or dry conditions. Longer, with an extended 11.8", beaded cuff for increased protection over the wrist and arm, the Ultra One® glove is a proven performer.

Photo of Microflex SG375 SafeGrip Powder-Free Latex Gloves

Microflex SG375 SafeGrip Gloves provide the highest level of protection and durability in latex exam gloves for heavy-duty or high-risk environments. SafeGrip gloves are ambidextrous, powder-free latex gloves with textured fingers for enhanced grip when wet or dry. Made from premium-quality natural rubber latex, SafeGrip gloves are 11.6” long and 11 mil. thick at the palm and 14.2 mil thick at the fingertips for increased protection. Up to 4 times thicker than standard latex exam glove. Beaded cuffs for easy on/off. 50/box; 10 boxes/case.

Photo of BEL-ART Clavies Heat Resistant Biohazard Autoclave Gloves

Soft, pliant, all-cotton terry cloth gloves are superb for handling hot objects out of the autoclave or oven, or for other heat protection in the lab, school or industry. Note: Gloves are not waterproof and should not be used to handle dry ice. CE marked.

Photo of Microflex MO-150 Micro One Low-Powder Latex Exam Gloves

Micro One® Latex Gloves are for professionals who require lightly powdered protection.This glove features a smooth, non-textured surface. Thicker and longer than typical examination gloves for added protection where you need it most. Lightly-powdered with absorbable cornstarch (USP) for easier donning. Meets proposed Federal guidelines for maximum powder and maximum water extractable protein content. 100/box; 10 boxes/case

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Photo of Microflex DGP-350 Diamond Grip Plus Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves

Microflex® Diamond Grip Plus™ Medical Exam Gloves are made from non-sterile 5.1 mil latex material and are ambidextrous. These gloves provide more secure wet and dry grip by featuring a fully textured exterior. Durable gloves are ideal for medical professionals where combination of both comfort and strength are required. Gloves are a comfortable fit with good tactile sensitivity. They have a powder-free, chlorinated, polymer-coated interior along with extended beaded cuff. 100/box; 10 boxes/case.

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Photo of Microflex Black Dragon Powder-Free Black Latex Exam Gloves

The black color of the Microflex Black Dragon glove provides better framing effect and color definition. This eliminates distractions from stains and coloring on the glove while providing better eye focus. Fully textured for excellent tactile sensitivity. Meets maximum powder and maximum water extractable protein guidelines. Standard examination length (9.5"), with a beaded cuff. 100/ box; 20 boxes/case.

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Photo of Microflex SY-911 Synetron PF Latex Exam Gloves with Extended Cuff

Microflex Synetron SY-911 Powder-Free Gloves are polymer coated for greater film consistency and easier donning. An extended beaded cuff provides greater wrist/arm protection. Exceptional durability to handle tough tasks coupled with fingertip sensitivity for finding a pulse and starting an IV. Gloves measure 9.1 mil (.0091") thick in the palm and 11.8 mil (.0118") in the fingers. Length is 11.4". Meets or exceeds NFPA requirements. 50/box; 10 boxes/case.

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Photo of Microflex PG-199 PowerGrip White Latex Exam Gloves Low Powder

Microflex® PowerGrip® White Ambidextrous Latex Gloves. These 5.9 mil gloves made of low modulus natural rubber latex, offer nominal hand fatigue over long periods of wear. Ideal for professionals needing a powerful grip. Non-sterile and lightly powdered with absorbable cornstarch offering easy donning. 9.6" beaded cuffs.  Gloves have complete texture pattern and provide very secure grip in wet or dry conditions. FDA and current ASTM standards. 100/box; 10 boxes/case.

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Photo of Microflex EV-2050 Evolution One Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves

For maximum comfort and durability, turn to the Microflex Evolution One EV2050 Latex Examination Glove. Made with premium rubber latex, the EV-2050 is 11" in length and 6.2 mil thickness at the fingertips, which provides extra protection from ripping and tearing. The EV-2050 is equipped with a polymer-coating which allows for an easy on/off in both wet and dry conditions. Caution: products containing natural rubber latex may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. 100/box; 10 boxes/case 

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Photo of Microflex XC-310 XCEED Ergonomic Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves

Microflex XCEED gloves utilize our breakthrough polymer technology and manufacturing process to offer a soft and comfortable nitrile glove that rivals the fit of latex while providing up to 60% more strength than leading latex and nitrile brands. As the 1st examination glove to earn an Ergonomic Certification from U.S. Ergonomics, an industry leader in Ergonomic standards, XCEED gloves ensure the optimal balance of comfort, strength, protection and value. Glove is 9.5" long and 3 miI thick.

Photo of Stansolv® A-10 Lightweight Nitrile Gloves. MAPA Spontex
The lightweight Stansolv® A-10 provides outstanding dexterity and protection. Unique Z-pattern grip provides an excellent grip, even on hard-to-grasp materials. These A-10 nitrile gloves are double dipped to insure a leak-proof barrier against chemical permeation. Unique carboxylated MAPA nitrile compound contains no fillers and provides unsurpassed resistance to snags, punctures, abrasion and cuts. Gloves are green in color and are 13" long with an 11mil thickness. In compliance with 21 CFR 170-199.
Photo of Microflex FFS-700 FreeForm SE Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves

FreeForm® SE is today's most advanced "super-soft" nitrile formulation offering a latex-like fit and feel no other glove can touch. Unlike conventional nitrile gloves, which tend to fit poorly and constrict, FreeForm® SE works with you, continuously conforming to the contours of your hands as you move. FreeForm® SE's elasticity allows for a full range-of-motion, helping to minimize unnecessary hand stress. Glove is 9.6” long and 3.9 mil thick. Micro-textured fingertips for a secure grip in wet and dry conditions. 100/box. 10 boxes/case.

Photo of Microflex MK-296 MidKnight Black Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves

The Microflex MidKnight Black Nitrile gloves offer the superior combination of durability and protection against day-to-day hazards, in a comfortable nitrile glove. Distinctive black color hides stains and provides a contrasting backdrop for identifying lighter colored material. Fully textured design and non-foaming formula enable wearers to have a firm wet grip when handling objects. Offers a high tensile strength while allowing the hands to move freely and comfortably.

Photo of Microflex NO-123 Lightly Powdered Nitrile Exam Gloves

Microflex Nitron One Gloves are high quality disposable nitrile gloves that offer increased chemical and puncture resistance, relative to latex. These gloves are 100 percent synthetic, not made from natural rubber latex. They're longer (9.6”) and thicker (5.5 mil) than typical synthetic disposable gloves. Nitron One Gloves provide  greater overall protection and are textured for enhanced wet and dry gripping. The gloves are lightly powdered with absorbent cornstarch (USP) for easier donning. This glove is for non-medical use only. 100/box; 10 boxes/case

Photo of Stanzoil®/NL-52 Knit-Lined Medium-Weight Gloves, 14". MAPA Spontex
STANZOIL®/NL-52 line features a unique multi-layer construction, to avoid the thin spots and pinholes common to single-dipped supported gloves. The durable NL-52 neoprene glove offers excellent dexterity, mechanical and chemical protection. Soft, absorbent interlock knit cotton liner adds comfort, easy on-off, high-and low-temperature protection. Roughed over-dip provides a positive non-slip grip for hard-to-grasp materials. Two-color construction for a visual indicator of glove wear-through. Launderable for multiple uses and prolonged life.