Gas Analyzers

Fyrite® Refill Kits include two bottles of Fyrite® fluid, top gasket, screws and envelope of filtering material.
Photo of Fyrite® Repair Kits

Fyrite® Repair Kits include one bottle of Fyrite® fluid, valve plunger gasket, top gasket, screws, diaphragm and envelope of filtering material. NOTE: This item ships as a hazardous material.

Photo of Fyrite® Gas Analyzers
Fyrite® Analyzers are available for either CO2 or O2 analysis, and each model is produced in three scale ranges. All six instruments are similar in appearance and size, but differ in important construction details, as well as in the absorbing fluids. Each model, therefore, is suitable only for the particular gas analysis or scale range for which it has been manufactured. Accuracy is within ±1/2% CO2 or O2. Fyrite® absorbing fluid is selective in the chemical absorption of carbon dioxide or oxygen, respectively.