Gas Detection Products

Photo of Fyrite® Pro Residential Combustion Gas Analyzer
The Fyrite® Pro 100 combustion analyzer is perfect for HVAC professionals who service and evaluate residential furnaces and appliances. The Fyrite® Pro 100 allows you to verify and adjust the efficiency of residential furnaces and appliances quickly and easily, enabling you to increase your overall service productivity. Measures CO, printer capability, upgradeable, comes with probe/hose assembly and hard carrying case.
Photo of Toxic Gas Analyzers. Bacharach
Light and rugged, Bacharach's family of hand-held digital analyzers measure toxic gases or oxygen. Quickly measure and display levels of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO) or oxygen (O2) more accurately, efficiently and economically. Just turn on the instrument, zero it and insert the probe into the stack or air being sampled. The analyzer will continuously measure and display readings of a specific gas. Single gas analyzers operate on four replaceable C-size batteries for approximately 14 continuous hours of operation.
Fyrite® Refill Kits include two bottles of Fyrite® fluid, top gasket, screws and envelope of filtering material.
Photo of Fyrite® Repair Kits

Fyrite® Repair Kits include one bottle of Fyrite® fluid, valve plunger gasket, top gasket, screws, diaphragm and envelope of filtering material. NOTE: This item ships as a hazardous material.

Photo of Fyrite® Gas Analyzers
Fyrite® Analyzers are available for either CO2 or O2 analysis, and each model is produced in three scale ranges. All six instruments are similar in appearance and size, but differ in important construction details, as well as in the absorbing fluids. Each model, therefore, is suitable only for the particular gas analysis or scale range for which it has been manufactured. Accuracy is within ±1/2% CO2 or O2. Fyrite® absorbing fluid is selective in the chemical absorption of carbon dioxide or oxygen, respectively.
Photo of Gastec Gas Pump Kit
The Model GV-100-S-TR Gas Sampling Pump can precisely collect a sample volume for a detector tube. The full-stroke (100 mL) and the half stroke (50 mL) positions are marked exactly by the red line on the pump shaft, and the handle is precisely locked at those positions. If you pump fully "n" times by allowing for sampling time intervals, a volume of 100 mL x "n" can be sampled. Each detector tube is calibrated based upon a prescribed (standard) volume of sample. Also, the pump piston has been designed with a smaller diameter so that the handle can be pulled out with even less effort.
Photo of Draeger 4594631 Soft-Side Carrying Case for Accuro Pump and Gas Sampling Tubes

The Draeger Soft-Side Carrying Case is an insulated nylon case with zipper closure, carrying handle and shoulder strap. Includes velcro section dividers for Accuro® Pump and detector tubes or, CMS and chips.

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Photo of Draeger 6400000 Accuro Manual Gas Sampling Tube Pump

The Draeger Tube Accuro Pump draws in 100 ml per stroke. When measuring, the pump body (bellows) is pressed together completely. The exhaust valve is closed during the opening phase of the bellows so that the gas sample flows through the connected Draeger Tube into the pump. After the complete opening of the pump body into its original position the suction process is finished. The end of stroke is visible by a pressure-controlled end of stroke indication, located in the pump head. Frequently, measurements need to take place under extreme conditions, e.g.

A quick, easy to use instrument that measures carbon monoxide by simply drawing an air sample through a chemical reagent in a glass indicator tube. The pump has interchangeable scales and calibrated tubes. Scales and tubes can be ordered applicable. If carbon monoxide is present, a stain appears in the indicator tube: the length of the stain is measured against a built-in scale to determine the CO percentage or parts per million (ppm). The Monoxor Detector is also fast and simple to operate.
Photo of Snoop® Liquid Leak Detector, 8oz. MS-SNOOP-8OZ

Snoop liquid leak detector can detect gas leaks in hard-to-reach areas.


■ Sustained bubble action works even on very small leaks and vertical surfaces.

■ Flexible snooper tube extends for hard-to-reach areas.

■ Noncorrosive, nonflammable formula does not contain chlorine.

■ Contains corrosion inhibitor for added protection.

■ Formula dries clean, without staining.

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Photo of Draeger Tubes Gas Detection Tubes

Draeger Gas Detection Tubes  are used to detect 100's of different gases. The tubes are glass vials filled with a chemical reagent that reacts to a specific chemical or family of chemicals. A calibrated 100ml sample of air is drawn through the tube with a Draeger Accuro® Bellows Pump. If the targeted chemical(s) is present, the reagent in the tube changes color, and the length of the color change typically indicates the measured concentration. Select the appropriate Draeger-Tube® according to the chemical hazard to be tested and the required measuring range.

Photo of Measuring Tubes for Gastec System
Sample tubes for the Gastec Model 800 pump. 10 sample tubes per pack.

For Draeger apparatus. For short-term measurements more than 160 DrŠeger Tubes are available to measure spot concentrations of specific gases. A wide range of different gases and vapors can be detected and measured; Determining and measuring concentration peaks, Measuring personal exposure in the inhalation area, Detecting leaks in pipelines, gas installations etc., and Air analysis in sewers, shafts and confined spaces. Other gas detecting tubes are available. Please inquire for descriptions and prices. * NIOSH Certified tube. 10 tubes/pkg.