Cleanroom Apparel

Photo of Isoclean Bound-Seam Cleanroom Tyvek® Apparel
IsoClean™ Tyvek® Cleanroom limited-use apparel combines the comfort and convenience of disposable Tyvek® apparel with Class M3.5 (Class 100) through Class M4.5 (Class 1000) cleanroom compatibility. This line of apparel features bound-seam Tyvek® material that is virtually lint-free. Seams reduce linting and improve containment. Bound seam apparel is available in clean, sterile, or both clean and sterile. Cleanroom processed apparel is individually packaged in double polybags to assure cleanliness and/or sterility. Unprocessed apparel is bulk wrapped in one polybag.
The DuPont™ Summus® frock provides a superior combination of spunbonded and multiple meltblown layers. The Frock comes with bound seems, a zippered front, three pockets and tunneled elastic wrists. Resists dry, non-hazardous particles and liquid splash. Lightweight and comfortable. Provides a strong barrier that is remarkably light and breathable. An economical solution for your protective nonwoven garment needs.