YSI Instruments

Photo of Dissolved Oxygen Instrument, YSI 5000 and 5100

The YSI 5000 basic model features menu-driven operation and a large, liquid-crystal display. Auto stabilization lets you predetermine a stable reading. With YSI BOD Analyst Software, the 5000 performs all required BOD calculations. Internal memory for 100 data points reduces the need for manual entry. An RS232 interface allows upload to spreadsheets. When using the BOD software, you can transfer control of the functions to your computer's keyboard.

Photo of YSI 5120 BOD Analyst™ for Windows®

Save time and ensure data integrity with BOD Analyst for Windows, a user-friendly, flexible way to automate BOD calculations. This exclusive software captures first and fifth day results, performs calculations, and prints reports. Conforms to Standard Methods Rules. Windows-based format. Allows export of data to other programs, including Lotus, dBase, Excel, and any LIMS. Reduces error by letting you set alarms for out-of-range temperatures and super-saturated samples. BOD analysis is even easier when you add a bar code reader.

Photo of YSI Model 55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter and Probe System

Field-proven, the YSI 55 meter measures dissolved oxygen in mg/L or percent. Offering pushbutton calibration with a built-in calibration chamber and direct salinity compensation, the YSI 55 provides simultaneous readings of oxygen and temperature. Temperature compensation is automatic. The stainless steel YSI probe sinks easily and the backlit display features a low battery indicator. A strain relief protects cable options of 12, 25, or 50 feet. Battery powered.

Photo of DO Field Probe for YSI 50 Series Meters

YSI 50 Series Meters. YSI 5239 A rugged, field DO probe with easy-to-replace cap membranes, the YSI 5239 DO and temperature sensor is compatible with YSI 50 Series meters (except the YSI 55). Weighted and protected by a heavy-duty guard, the YSI 5239 is optimized for YSI microprocessor-based systems.

Photo of Membranes and Service Parts for YSI Oxygen Probes

YSI standard 1-mil membranes are perfect for most applications. If you're measuring below 15C or at low DO levels, use the high-sensitivity 0.5-mil PTFE membranes. To measure very high DO levels or for longer term monitoring, use the 2-mil membranes in the YSI 5685 membrane kit. They're less affected by biofouling and reduce DO sensitivity.

Photo of YSI Model 5739 Field Probe

The versatile polarographic electrode is easy to use and maintain. Screw-apart construction lets you quickly change from one cable length to another or replace either probe or cable without replacing the entire assembly. Automatic pressure compensation corrects for hydrostatic pressure. A guard protects the sensing elements and rugged construction withstands extreme environments. The built-in weight reduces current effects. For measuring in shallow water where hydrostatic pressure compensation is not required, use a O6071 (YSI 5718) Probe with 12-foot cable (3.7 m).