Taylor Brass & Bronze

Photo of Bacon Bomb Samplers

Bacon Bomb Samplers can be used to obtain samples from storage tanks, tank cars and drums. The plunger keeps the sampler closed until it strikes bottom and then the sampler fills. When raised, the plunger automatically falls back into position closing the sampler and preventing any contamination by liquid taken at a higher level. The Bacon Bomb Sampler will pick up sediment or water directly off the bottom. Samples can be taken at any point above the bottom by attaching a cord to top of plunger then raising it to fill the sampler and lowering it to close.

Photo of Drum Thief Sampler-Nickel Plated_500mL

Drum Thief easily removes 500mL petroleum samples from 55 gallon (208 liter) drums. Manufactured in accordance with ASTM D4057. Place thumb over the top opening in the sample tube then lower to approximately 12 inches (30cm), then remove thumb from the opening to allow the oil to flow into the Drum Thief. To remove, place thumb back over the opening and remove the tube from the drum. Note: Coat samplers with a protective varnish when used with liquids that will attack nickel and bronze.