Photo of Reichert Abbe Mark II Plus Refractometers
Reichert Analytical Instruments Abbe Mark II Plus Refractometers provide a digital data readout in 3 modes. Scales include % solids, temperature compensated % solids and refractive index. A focusable eyepiece and dispersion correction prisms are standard features for easy, precise operation. An adjustable, built-in focused illumination system eliminates the need for transformers and extra illumination. An operator simply places a small drop of sample on the measuring prism surface and adjusts the light source.
Photo of Salinity and Brix Refractometer
The Reichert Salinity Tester provides rapid, reliable refractive index and salinity readings of total dissolved solids of aqueous solutions. It is used in Oceanography and seawater studies for determining soil quality and for quality control in research and clinical laboratories. The Reichert Analytical Instruments Salinity Tester can be used to check and maintain stock solutions and dilutions. In the food industry, it is especially effective in the preparation of frozen vegetables, fruits, seafood and ocean by-products.
Photo of Reichert Brix % Solids Refractometer
The Reichert Brix Rhino series of hand-held refractometers (0-30, 0-50, 50-90 Brix) has long been the industry standard for measuring the Brix scale or % solids (as sucrose). Now featuring an all black polymer housing which is impact resistant, water proof, and improves image quality. Also featuring a blue prism for improved scale and reading visibility. Reichert Brix Rhino series hand-held refractometers use automatic temperature compensation to provide superior results. This temperature compensation makes it unnecessary to measure temperature and apply a correction factor.
Photo of Industrial Fluid Refractometer
The Reichert IFT10HP and IFT40HP Hand-Held Refractometers provide an efficient, simple method for checking the ration or concentration of water soluble industrial fluids. To aid in quality control, they give reliable, highly accurate results for testing cutting and grinding coolants; synthetic machining fluids; plating and acid baths; hydraulic fluids; die lubricants and chromating solutions. The Reichert IFT10 has a 0-10 Brix scale divided into 0.25 increments for low concentration synthetic cutting and grinding fluids and lubricants.
Photo of Reichert Duo-Chek Engine Coolant and Battery Tester Refractometer
Reichert Duo-Chek Engine Coolant/Battery Tester (refractometer) now featuring an all black, polymer housing, which is impact resistant, water proof, and improves image quality. Also featuring a blue prism for improved scale and reading visibility. Accuracy in testing engine coolant is important to ensure adequate freeze and boil-over protection. Accurate coolant concentration also means the viscosity and heat transfer properties are correct. The proper coolant/water mix provides proper cooling system operation and prevents engine damage from cavitation corrosion.
Photo of Reichert Auto Abbe Refractometer
Reichert Analytical Instruments Auto Abbe Refractometers will provide readings for refractive index, temperature compensated refractive index, % solids and temperature compensated % solids. The % solids and temperature compensated % solids scales in channel 1 are the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA) sucrose or "Brix" scales. Temperature is accurately measured by a thermistor at the prism surface where the sample is placed. Photosensing optices provide an extremely accurate and reproducible reading of the shadowline.
Photo of Reichert Veterinary VET360 Meter - Sample Pipet
The Reichert VET360 features an incredibly durable, impact resistant, and waterproof housing to ensure quality readings every time. A new blue prism also improves the readability of the scale and shadowline intersect. It uses automatic temperature compensation to provide accurate readings regardless of ambient temperature. The unit automatically corrects all readings back to the Standard Reference Temperature of 68ᄚF (20ᄚC). This provides superior accuracy and reliability, and much greater accuracy than with urinometers of reagent strips. The Reichert VET360 is easy to use.
Photo of Reichert ARIAS 500 Transmitted Light Refractometers
The Reichert ARIAS500 is the first automatic transmitted light refractometer. This unique design automatically detects and interprets the shadowline position with precision comparable to high-end automatic reflected light refractometers. By eliminating the need for manual shadowline alignment, variances caused by operator interpretation or unclear shadowlines are removed. The ARIAS500 uses dual arrays to precisely measure Refractive Index, Brix, or equivalent concentration readings.