National Optical

Photo of Research Oil Immersion Microscopes, National Optical 160 Series
National Optical's 160 series oil immersion compound microscopes are superior in design and performance to other brands. This series of microscopes incorporates a wide range of features designed for university and laboratory use. Superb optical clarity and reliable mechanical engineering assures years of top performance. Choose one of four head types, all feature the same body and optical specifications.
Photo of Student Microscope, National Optical Model 104
Designed to facilitate teaching at the elementary level. Standard microscope format most commonly used in U.S. schools. 45° inclined viewing head is very convenient for younger students. 15 watt illumination is built into base, features on/off switch on base and heavy-duty 3-wire cord and plug. Rugged metal frame, precision optical glass lenses. Student-proofing features minimize loss of parts and other student abuse. Recommended for instruction through 6th grade.
Photo of Intermediate Student Microscope, National Optical Model 111
For superior performance, National Optical offers the Model 111 microscope for intermediate level student teaching. This microscope features a rugged construction and a full-sized DIN optical system. This microscope has a wider field of view, greater resolution, a better light condensing system and a larger frame than other ordinary elementary student microscopes. This microscope is recommended for the elementary through the 8th and 9th grades.
Photo of Compound Microscope, National Optical Model 131
National Optical's Model 131 sets the standard for high school instruction. Includes all the most commonly specified features. Rugged metal construction with locked on parts provides years of reliable use. The microscope's design incorporates a superior DIN optical system while precision mechanical components assure parfocalled and parcentered optical alignment for sharp, unsurpassed viewing. The optical system includes a 10x widefield eyepiece with a revolving pointer, DIN 4x, 10x and 40xR objective lenses and a 3-hole nosepiece with positive click stops.
Photo of Compound Oil Immersion Microscopes, National Optical 150 Series
National Optical's 150 series oil immersion compound microscopes offer all the normal popular features of a high grade biological microscope but in a moderate price range. This series of microscopes is offered with monocular, dual mono, binocular and trinocular eyepiece viewing heads. All models include WF10x/18mm eyepieces with 30° inclined heads that rotate 360° for reverse position viewing. In addition to these features, this series of microscopes also comes standard with 4x, 10x, 40xR and 100xR oil immersion objective lenses.