The G1 Series mixer has a 1/30 HP fixed speed motor with direct drive. Standard features include hand chuck, bracket clamp attachment, fuse protection and on/off indicator light. 1800 RPM output. Shaft is 18" x 5/16". Shipped with A310/2.5" impeller. 115VAC.
The R100 radial flow, hi-shear impeller provides moderate pumping action.
Photo of A100 Axial Flow Impellers. Lightnin
The A100 Series impellers provide moderate pumping action through traditional design.
Photo of A310 Axial Flow Hi-Efficiency Impellers. Lightnin
The A-310 Impeller is standard on LabMaster® mixers. The high efficiency design develops 50% more mixing action than ordinary props. The A-310 design also provides geometric similarity for accurate scale-up to larger Lightnin mixers.
Photo of Heavy Duty Ring Stand. Lightnin.
Heavy duty ring stand with 316 SS 5/8" dia. rod. The painted stand is 27" tall when attached to heavy base. Shipping weight: 14 lbs.
Your most economical choice in a variable speed stirrer/mixer. A rugged performer. Even a stalling load can't hurt the motor. All you need is compressed air at 30 to 90 psi and 2 cfm maximum. The 1/30 hp motor is explosion-proof with not heat build-up, safe even with flammables. A muffler assures quiet operation. Built-in needle valve gives precise speed control from dead slow to 1750 rpm. For volumes to 100 liters of low-viscosity fluids, lesser amounts at higher viscosities. Shaft is 12" x 5/16". Shipped with A310/2.5" impeller. Comes with universal clamp.
This heavy duty clamp assembly is made from 316 stainless steel with 5/8" x 3/4" bores and is for use with all Labmaster mixers with tube suspension mounting.
Photo of R500 Hi-Shear Dispersing Impeller. Lightnin
The R500 Hi-Shear Dispersing Impeller will fit a 5/16' shaft. 3.0" impeller diameter.
A paddle type, three-bladed impeller for a 5/16" shaft. 2.0" impeller diameter.
Photo of A200 45° Pitch Blade Turbine. Lightnin
The A200 is a 45° pitch blade, turbine-type impeller for a 5/16" stirring shaft. Impeller diameter is 2.0".
Two-speed mixer (Model S1U05T). The two-speed switch lets you match power and speed to batch volume and viscosity. For your lab or production use. 1/15 HP motor, single phase. Totally enclosed and non-ventilated. 1600 or 1200 RPM. Standard equipment: shaft and A310 impeller (3.4"), both of 316 stainless steel. Chuck and tube also stainless steel. Comes with bronze rim clamp. Shaft length is 24".