L-K Industries

Photo of LPG Corrosion Bomb Heater
Designed especially for the L-P gas industry for performing the copper strip corrosion test. Accepts 4-standard type test bombs. Explosion-resistant, thermostatically controlled to maintain heat at 100° F as per ASTM D-130. Portable (12 Volts) or Benchtop (115V) models.
Photo of Portable Centrifuge Tube Heaters, 12 Volt
These heaters are designed to accept either two or four centrifuge tubes of the 12.5mL/15mL size, or the 100mL short cone tubes. The accepted way to preheat samples for centrifuging in accordance with ASTM. 12 VDC.

Photo of Lab Model Oil Heated Centrifuge, Melton Type
Electrically heated Melton type oil centrifuge. Designed for use in laboratories, pump stations and similar locations. Explosion resistant and conforms to ASTM specifications for speed and diameter of swing. Each of the four cups has its own heating element and thermoswitch independent of the others, and can be set at any temperature up to 180° F. Built-in tachometer and hand brake. 4-Place head.
Photo of Transport Series Portable Oil Centrifuges.
These 12 VDC portable shake-out machines have a rugged steel outer case. All models have a variable speed motor with tachometer. Heated models are double insulated to prevent heat loss. P2435-1 and P2435-2 have two pre-heated pockets for fast sample heat-up. P2435-1 and P2435-2 have a two-place trunnion head (4-place is available as a special order) that accepts short cone, 100mL oil centrifuge tubes. P2435-3 thru P2435-14 are unheated. Select a model that will accept 100mL short cone or pear shaped oil centrifuge tubes as well as 12.5mL finger tubes.
Photo of Table Top Centrifuge Tube Heaters
These explosion resistant table-top heaters are designed to accept either two, four or eight centrifuge tubes. Tube sizes of 12.5mL/15mL or 100mL short or long cone tubes. The accepted way to preheat samples for centrifuging in accordance with ASTM.