Photo of Disposable Polystyrene Petri Dish, Sterile
Kord-Valmark™ petri dishes are easy to handle. A perfect fit lid enables it to be removed and replaced quickly with one hand. The precision flat bottom, insures that a minimum amount of culture media will provide even distribution over the bottom of the plate, minimizing and controlling medium consumption. Molding process produces optimum product clarity and the most consistently flat dish in the market. Ideally suited for all automated filling and streaking equipment. Can be traced for quality assurance and sterility verification. Side arrows and Isomarks available.
Photo of Disposable Partitioned Petri Dishes, Sterile

Manufactured to the same exacting standards as Kord's monoplates. Kord's partitioned or sectional dishes are designed for simultaneous studies of organisms in common environments. High profile partitions in Kord's partitioned dishes minimize spillage from one cell to another during filling, making them ideally suited for hand or automated filling lines. The bi-plates provide both a mechanical index feature and an Isomark. The tri-plate and quad-plate offer the Isomark, insuring they can be used in all automated filling or streaking equipment.