Jencons Scientific

Photo of Sealpette Variable Volume Multichannel Pipettors. Jencons
Sealpette Variable Volume Multichannel pipettors offer a major advance in liquid dispensing for microtitration techniques including agglutination, haemagglutination inhibition, antibiotic sensitivity testing, complement fixation, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays and radioimmunoassays. To use, dial in the volume with the thumb button. The volume selected is displayed in large clear numerals in the window. Each pipettor is fitted with a tip ejector.
Photo of Digitrate Digital Burette
The Digitrate digital burette and electronic dispenser delivers accurate, precise and convenient bottle top titration. Designed with many features - the Digitrate allows you greater flexibility. Accuracy ±0.2%, Precision ±0.1%, Resolution 0.01mL. Chemically resistant and autoclavable liquid pathway. Continuous display of volume dispensed with zero reset feature for multiple titrations. Simple user calibration and factory reset for ISO 9000 & GLP requirements. Visible borosilicate glass barrel allows inspection of liquid before dispensing. Dispense nozzle protection sleeve.
Photo of Safety Zippette Bottle-Top Dispensers. Jencons
The Safety Zippette has been designed for performance and convenience and includes many safety features - the Zippette now brings you closer than ever to totally trouble free safe dispensing. The new anti-drip safety valve guards against drips when not in use. Chemically resistant liquid pathway allows a wide range of liquids to be safely dispensed. Accuracy Reservoir is not included.
Photo of Powerpette Plus Pipette Controller
The Powerpette Plus operates in exactly the same way as the standard Powerpette, but is designed in the conventional `pistol grip' style. The precision moulding of the Powerpette Plus fits the hand perfectly with the pipette holder nozzle at an angle to facilitate use within a laminar flow cabinet or biological safety cabinet. The finger triggers are concave for a comfortable and positive grip, allowing perfect control when aspirating or dispensing. Supplied with recharger, compact anti-tip stand and 2 x 0.45µm filters.
Photo of Safetypette Pipet Filler
The Safetypette is uniquely designed to give superior pipetting control to either left or right handed users. The lightweight Safetypette sits comfortably in the hand enabling smooth variable speed control in both aspirating and dispensing using 1mL to 100mL pipettes. Simply squeeze the silicone bulb using the thumb lever to control both the aspirate and dispense modes and speed. Compatible with blow-out and TD pipettes. Supplied with integral 0.45µm filter and colored pipette cones for safety color coding in white, mint, mauve and pink.
Photo of D-Ion Distillation Apparatus
The D-Ionstill 4 (D3205-1) is designed for connection to any standard laboratory deionizer, to produce an exceptionally high-purity distillate at the rate of 4 Lt/hr. The Still controls the flow of water from the deionizer, conserving deionized water - tap water is used to cool the condenser. Since deionized water is used the boiler should never require cleaning. A larger, twin boiler version of the D-Ionstill (D3205-2) produces 8 liters/hr of ultra pure, pyrogen free distillate.
Photo of Nova 4 Distilling Apparatus
The Nova 4 has been designed as a simple, low cost and reliable still. It has a tough stainless steel boiler and borosilicate glass condenser. A thermostat protects its metal non-corrosive heating element. The Nova 4 produces a high quality distillate with a conductivity of 0.3 µS/cm at a rate of 4 Lt/hr.
Photo of Single Distillation Distilling Apparatus. Jencons
The 4000X and 8000X are fully automatic stills which produce 4 and 8 L/hr of high quality pyrogen free distillate to British and other pharmacapeia standards. They are simple to operate and easy to clean. Water flow rate automatically set and maintained. Automatic switch off/restart of water and heaters when distillate reservoir is full. Independent external thermal cut-out on boiler. Operates at low water supply pressures down to 10 psi or 5 psi with flow regulator removed. Fireproof toughened glass door for viewing inside.
Photo of Radiation Work Box
For transport or bench storing of [32P] Beta emitting isotopes or Gamma emitting [125P] iodine, these clear acrylic boxes have hinged lids enabling safe access to contents. Supplied without racks which are available as options. Dimensions: 165 x 85 x 55mm. Racks sold separately.
Photo of Desiccator with Dry-Seal Grease-Free Seal Ring
This desiccator is fitted with a simple, efficient and unbreakable PTFE valve eliminating the need for a glass stopcock with its ground joint entry. Grease free. Manufactured of borosilicate glass; pressure tested. All interchangeable parts. Lift-off lids for storage above flange. Dry-Seal desiccators are supplied complete with sealing ring, gauze and PTFE stopcock.
Photo of Double Distillation Distilling Apparatus. Jencons
These Stills incorporate all the features of the AutoFour range, ensuring that they remain extremely simple to run and maintain. The distillates produced are of exceptional quality and are pyrogen-free. Flow regulator automatically sets and maintains correct water flow rate. Fully automatic operation with 'switchoff' of water and heaters when distillate reservoir is full. Borosilicate glassware and silica sheathed heaters. Two independent thermal cutouts protect each boiler. Efficient condenser design gives cool distillates. Zinc-plated steel casing has excellent corrosion resistance.
Photo of AutoFour Single Distillation Distilling Apparatus. Jencons
The AutoFour fully automatic distillation units produce 4 L/hr of pyrogen free distillate from any potable water supply. The easy to clean boiler features a bypass flushing arrangement. This simplifies acid cleaning by flushing all parts of the boiler. The condenser is isolated during this procedure to prevent contamination. D3172-2 has its own water softener to prevent the formation of scale in the boiler, eliminating the need for periodic boiler cleaning.
Photo of Blue Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Dewars with Glass Inner Flask
For the storage and transportation of liquid gases and solid CO2. Fully silvered borosilicate glass inner flask. Insulated and vented lids. All standard dewars are fitted with a comfortable swing-over safety handle. Lids fitted with fixing clips.
Photo of Unbreakable Stainless Steel Dewar Flasks
A range of unbreakable stainless steel dewars resistant to vibration, impact or shock. Safe and easy to use for the storage of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and other low temperature liquid gases. Supplied with lids and detachable carrying handle.
Photo of Repette Positive Displacement Multi-Dispenser. Jencons
This easy to use, positive displacement pipettor/ dispenser allows rapid precision repeat dispensing up to 48 times in succession without refilling, reducing the problems associated with repetitive strain injury. Ideal for dispensing aqueous and viscous liquids. A range of polypropylene tips ensures a large range of volumes is available. 8 tip sizes, to dispense from 1µl to 5000µl. Supplied complete with adaptor for 25mL and 50mL tips.0µl. Maintenance free design.
Photo of Perimatic Premier Peristaltic Pump Dispenser. Jencons
The Perimatic Premier Peristaltic Pump Dispenser is designed for rapid but controlled dose filling of a variety of containers without splashing or frothing. The Perimatic Premier is a heavy duty, microprocessor controlled precision dispensing pump. The Premier achieves its high performance due to its precision rotor and pinch valve design. The Perimatic Premier is particularly suited to media dispensing as its 'stand-by' mode ensures constant recirculation of the reservoir contents thereby keeping the media in suspension when not actively dispensing.
Photo of Pipette Tip Disposal Box, Radiation Contaminated
Available in clear acrylic for [32P] Beta emissions and lead impregnated acrylic for [125P] iodine emissions. Designed with hinged lid and tip port for safe disposal of pipette tips. External dimensions: 150 x 150 x 150mm. Box comes with one Bin Box Bag.
Photo of Easi-Grid Gridding Unit for Molecular Biology
The essential tool for efficient master plate making, the EASI-GRIDª comprises a lightweight and durable case containing nine of the most popular templates for molecular biology, genetics and microbiology applications, plus a blank sheet for your own customized grid pattern. This unique product has been designed to hold any make of 90mm & 100mm diameter Petri dish firmly in its place above your chosen grid thus ensuring correct alignment of subsequent clones made from the master plate. EASI-GRIDª is supplied complete with grid booklet and locking band.
Photo of Powerpette Pipette Controller
Jencons' Powerpette has many unique features including variable speed control both on the intake and delivery modes, making it ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications. The lightweight, self contained design is suitable for large or small hands and incorporates long life, environmentally friendly, rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries giving over 8 hours continuous dispensing without recharging. The concave finger triggers give a comfortable and positive grip, allowing perfect control when aspirating or dispensing.