Photo of GraLab Model 171 60-Minute General Purpose Timer
The GraLab Model 171 60-Minute Timer provides precise timing for industrial and laboratory work with second- and minute-hand settings. With GraLab Timing Devices you get accuracy even at maximum setting, combined with features for ease of use. Two grounded outlets allow you to automatically switch external appliances with the Model 171 timer. Control one appliance with a switch which will turn it off or on when time elapses. The other outlet will always turn off when time elapses independent of the switch. Large numerals on a 6 1/2" face are easy to read.
Photo of Model 451 Electronic Timer/Intervalometer. GraLab
The GraLab Model 451 solid state digital timer is an excellent choice for factory, lab or studio use. It has two independent, programmable memories for single cycle switching or continuous cycling. The Model 451 electronic timer is 100% solid state for digital accuracy and repeatability. It has a simple design with highly visible two-digit LED display that makes time setting easy. The 99 minute time range can be set in minutes, seconds and 1/10 seconds.