Gateway Safety

Photo of Conqueror™ Protective Eyewear. Gateway Safety
With a commanding presence and a keen sense of style, Conqueror™ protective eyewear helps to vanquish impact hazards. Comfort features include a soft, rubber nosepiece and ergonomic, contoured temple tips for all-day wearability. Available in a new “camo” pattern or glossy black frame. Each pair comes with an adjustable length eyewear retainer to keep it close by. Durable, one-piece polycarbonate wraparound lens that meets and exceeds ANSI Z87.1+.
Photo of Wheelz™ Goggles. Gateway Safety
Part safety glasses and part safety goggle, Wheelz™ eyewear offers the style and comfort of popular spectacles, while providing the maximum protection against dirt and debris that traditional safety goggles offer. Unlike traditional goggles which can be big and bulky, Wheelz™ goggles have a compact and lightweight frame made of a soft, flexible material that provides long-lasting comfort for all-day wear. The patent-pending Whirlwind™ ventilation system minimizes fogging by circulating air through the optical chamber. An elastic head strap easily adjusts to ensure a safe, snug fit.
Photo of Technician™ Impact Goggles. Gateway Safety
Technician™ Impact and Technician™ Splash goggles are designed to fit tight, wear comfortably and shield the entire eye area. A durable, polycarbonate lens combines with a soft vinyl frame and hassle-free headband to create protection that workers will wear. Ventilation is incorporated into each design. Technician™ Splash goggles feature four, patented indirect vents that construct a path of three 90º angles to prevent splash entry. Technician™ Impact goggles feature perforated holes or capped vents in the frame body. All models meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard.
Photo of Swap™ Swap Spectacle/Safety Goggle Eyewear. Gateway Safety
Temples to head strap in seconds flat … change your safety eyewear to meet your needs. That’s how Swap™ protective eyewear faces down any workplace peril. Swap is two products in one—a safety spectacle and a safety goggle. It comes with temples to use as glasses and a head strap to swap it to a goggle. The Swap frame is lined with soft, smooth foam that blocks dust and debris. Venting channels minimize fogging for better visibility. Swap’s stylish two-color temples are rubberized for all-day comfort, and the head strap is fully adjustable to fit any size head.
Photo of Starlite® MAG Bifocal Safety Eyewear. Gateway Safety
To meet the needs of an aging workforce, Gateway Safety offers bifocal safety eyewear in five diopter strengths: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0. Bifocal safety lenses provide close focus accommodation for those with presbyopia, a normal part of aging vision that causes a decrease in the ability to focus sharply on nearby objects. That creates a need to use magnifying reading glasses or bifocals.
Photo of Luminary™ Protective Eyewear. Gateway Safety
Luminary™ protective eyewear, the brightest idea in safety glasses. Patent-pending translucent temple insets provide a stylish new look to these glasses, while their ultra-light weight offers a comfortable fit for all-day wear. Weighing four-fifths of an ounce, Luminary protective eyewear is designed with elastic temples, which help relieve pressure behind the ears and provide a comfortable fit for any size face. A fingertip nosepiece reduces slippage, so glasses stay on securely.
Photo of Kleen View™ Lens Cleaning Station. Gateway Safety

Kleen View™ lens cleaning solution is anti-fog, anti static and safe for most plastic safety glasses. Packaged together with soft, non-abrasive tissues. The disposable lens cleaning stations are made of durable cardboard for operations where a maintenance-free station is preferred. Disposable stations are available in two sizes: the large size contains a 16-ounce bottle of cleaning solution and 1600 tissues; the small size contains an 8-ounce bottle of cleaning solution and 500 tissues, ideal for offices and other small facilities.

Photo of GloPlugz™ Ear Plugs. Gateway Safety
GloPlugz™ feature a 31 NRR, – one of the highest rated NVLAP accredited laboratory earplugs available. Extremely smooth, tapered design allows for incredibly easy insertion. With a smooth, tapered design and a soft non-allergenic polyurethane formula, GloPlugz™ help ensure all-day comfort. Self adjusting design exerts very little pressure on the ear canal. Vibrant blue plugs make compliance checks straightforward and trouble-free. Available with or without a dazzling purple breakaway cord that helps employees keep plugs close at hand.
Photo of SoundOut™ Ear Muffs, High Level NRR. Gateway Safety
SoundOut™ earmuffs are fully adjustable and provides versatile protection. SoundOut offers excellent attenuation at 28 NRR. To enhance comfort and convenience, SoundOut™ Earmuffs feature a rotating headband so that the protection may be worn in three different positions -- over the head, behind the head, under the chin -- and with or without head protection. The adjustable head strap adjusts easily to fit a wide range of head sizes. Adjustable swivel cups offer a better fit and a more effective seal. SoundOut™ sets the industry standard for protection in high-noise environments.
Photo of SoundDecision™ Ear Muffs. Gateway Safety
SoundDecision™ earmuffs are economical, di-electric muffs with premium features that include a 25 NRR for mid-level hearing protection. The SoundDecision earmuffs are fully adjustable and provides versatile protection. To enhance comfort and convenience, SoundDecision™ Earmuffs feature a rotating headband so that the protection may be worn in three different positions -- over the head, behind the head, under the chin -- and with or without head protection. The adjustable head strap adjusts easily to fit a wide range of head sizes.
Photo of CoverAlls™ Protective Eyewear. Gateway Safety

CoverAlls™ from Gateway Safety, Inc. are designed to be worn comfortably over prescription eyewear, offering complete eye protection without the high cost of prescription safety eyeglasses. The impact-resistant, one-piece polycarbonate lens with integral sideshields provides a clear, wide field of vision. CoverAlls meet ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards. The lightweight design features adjustable temples for a customized fit, helping to ensure all-day comfort and maximum worker compliance.

Photo of Venom™ Face Protection. Gateway Safety
Venom™ faceshield protection allows workers to stare down workplace hazards with confidence. Plus, the Venom™ Headgear unit features a multi-component comfort system, which includes three separate fit adjustments, and a soft cushion on both the brow and back of the head that delivers superior comfort. When Venom™ Headgear is combined with the fang-shaped Venom™ Visors, your enclosure is strong enough to stand up to most any flying debris. The lightweight construction facilitates all-day usage. Wearer adjustable tension controls ensures that the visor will stay in place when raised.
Photo of Utility VS Visitor Spectacles. Gateway Safety
Ideal for short-term or limited exposure applications, Visitor spectacles from Gateway Safety are economical, comfortable and durable protection for employees and plant guests. Can be worn over prescription eyewear or by itself. 100% polycarbonate construction is impact-resistant and durable. Contoured brow guard, universal bridge and wide lens offer panoramic view. Vented sideshields minimize lens fogging. They offer excellent impact protection, but scratch more readily than coated eye protection. Meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standard.
Photo of Twisters™ Ear Plugs, Reusable. Gateway Safety
Twisters™, reusable earplugs featuring a triple-flange design. The effective design allows wearers to hold the plug post and easily insert Twisters into the ear without having to roll or touch the plug before use, helping to eliminate the chance of germs entering the ear. The triple flange design forms a triple seal in any size ear. A worker with soiled hands is more likely to comply with hearing protection requirements given a more sanitary hearing protection option. Featuring an air bubble tip, Twisters are extremely soft and comfortable to wear, yet durable enough for long-term use.
Photo of Strobe™ VS Safety Glasses. Gateway Safety
With a traditional look, the Strobe™ VS is an uncoated, cost-effective safety eyewear solution for visitors that still offers serious protection. Large, integrated side shields provide all-around protection. Rugged yet lightweight, with adjustable temples for maximum comfort. Available in black, blue and the patriotic “freedom” frame patterns. Meets the ANSI Z87.1+ high impact standard.