Fischer Technical Company

Photo of Lab Safety Mats
The Fischer Technical Lab Safety mat features non-slip silicone rubber. It is available in red or black with temperature resistance up to 260° C. The dimensions are 250mm x 250mm on the regular mat and 350mm x 350mm on the large mat.
Photo of Silicone Pipette Fillers
The three valve Pipette Filler is also available in chemically resistant silicone rubber. This bulb also accommodates pipettes up to 50mL and has a 1.4 inch diameter opening. Available in red or black.
Photo of Flip™ Safety Pipetting Ball
The patented Flip™ Safety pipetting filler is made of natural rubber and can accommodate pipettes up to 50mL with its 1/4 inch diameter opening featuring a two valve system with a removable top valve for easy cleaning and one handed use. The flip model is available in red, black, blue, green, and yellow.
Photo of Safety Pipet Fillers
Made from all natural rubber, the Fischer Technical three valve pipette fillers are imported from Germany and will accommodate pipettes up to 50mL and feature a 1/4 inch diameter opening. This filler eliminates the need for dangerous mouth pipetting. Available in red, black, blue and green.