Erie Handcare (Thermo Scientific Inc.)

Photo of SoftGUARD® Barrier Hand Cream
Specially formulated to help prevent, chapping and skin irritation caused by latex gloves, frequent hand washing and harsh solutions. The protective barrier of SoftGUARD also helps prevent the occlusion of the skin associated with frequent gloving. SoftGUARD contains an extra-strength antimicrobial preservative system to prevent cross-contamination. Petroleum, mineral oil and fragrance free. PH balanced with the skin. SoftGUARD's special combination of ingredients keeps your hands healthy and chap-free. Apply before gloving and after each washing.
Photo of SoftCIDE® Hand Soap
SoftCIDE Soap is specifically designed for healthcare, production and laboratory workers who must wash their hands frequently. Unlike most soap, you can wash with SoftCIDE many times a day without it being harsh on your skin. Because SoftCIDE is so mild, it is much easier to wash as often as you should. SoftCIDE Extra-Mild Antimicrobial Hand Soap (1% PCMX) is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms: gram positive & negative bacteria, yeast and fungi. Unique formulation replenishes the natural oils of the skin. Very mild ingredients are pH balanced for the skin.
Photo of AlcoSCRUB® Antiseptic Gel Hand Cleanser
AlcoSCRUB is an effective alcohol gel that improves hand-washing compliance. AlcoSCRUB immediately helps reduce bacteria that could potentially cause disease. Fast Acting Antimicrobial Strength: 62% Ethyl Alcohol. Designed for use when soap and water are not available to supplement regular hand washing. Formulated with emollients to be gentle on your skin. No water or towel needed. To use, simply wet hands thoroughly with AlcoSCRUB gel and allow to dry without wiping. No sticky residue or strong lingering fragrance.