Photo of Vertiklean® Wall Washing System
The Vertiklean® Wall Washing System is a lightweight polyester disposable mop head and hardware system designed for vertical surfaces. Developed for wet cleaning ceilings and walls in controlled environments. Designed for one-time use, the disposable mop heads are available in 4 sizes (7", 12", 14" 16 1/4"). Both the VertiKlean® and Paddle VertiKlean® are comprised of polyester fabric laminated to clean ester foam which provides excellent abrasion resistance.
Photo of Edgeless® Mopping System
The cleanest floor mopping system available for cleanroom use. The mophead is a continuous tube of 100% polyester knitted fabric looped to form tubular mop strands. Choose from three different styles: Industry Standard Tube, Wide Tube, or Enhanced Ribbed Tube. Wide Tube Edgeless Mop is an economical version of our Edgeless Mop and features wider ribs. Enhanced Ribbed Tube Edgeless Mop features unique ribbed, twisted strands that are more absorbent than traditional tube mops.
Photo of POLYNIT Cleanroom Wipers, Class 100
The fabric for the POLYNIT® wiper is knitted in a special non-stitch which reduces degradation of the wiper and subsequent particle generation. The workhorse wiper in a CLASS 100 environment, POLYNIT® is exceptionally low in particles and extractables and has good sorptive capacity. Should you be working in a sterile environment and/or require a sterile wiper the POLYNIT® IR Wipers (CR8120-4 & -5) are an excellent choice. They are gamma irradiated for a sterile and exceptionally clean wipe.
Photo of POLYWIPE-C Heatseal Wiper
This lightweight, 100% polyester interlock knit wiper has a non-abrasive edge that allows 100% utilization of wiper. Laser-cut, which seals fibers at wiper's edge. Soft textured wiper cleans surfaces without scratching. Laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom. Extremely low in both particles and extractables. Good sorbency with solvents and chemical resistant. Certificate of Sterility is available. Shipping weight: 25 Lbs.
Photo of POLYWIPE-C Economy Cleanroom Wipes
The Polywipe-C is a lightweight 100% polyester interlock knit wiper with a textured surface for effective cleaning. Available in bulk packaging, the Polywipe-C is a soft, non-abrasive texture wipe that cleans surfaces without scratching and is the cost effective solution for customers who need to upgrade from less critical wipers. Available as validated sterile to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6 in accordance with standards and recommended practices of the AAMI Guidelines. A Certificate of Sterility is also available. Laundered and packaged in a ISO Class 4 cleanroom.
Photo of SATWIPES® Cleaning System
Contec's new SATWIPES® system offers customers another method of dispensing and using saturated wipes. SATWIPES® consist of a roll of 100 6x9 saturated wipers which are dispensed through a center-pull cannister. SATWIPES® offer many of the same features and benefits of the PROSAT® cleaning system at a reduced cost to the customer. These include effective cleaning, reduced solvent consumption and increased safety in the workplace. SATWIPES® are available in two different nonwoven wiper fabrics, the C1 and C3.
Photo of CONSTIX® Cleanroom Swabs
With over thirty unique swabs available, the CONSTIX® swab line offers a solution to almost any swab application problem. The newly expanded line includes sealed and wrapped foam swabs for general swab applications, sealed and wrapped polyester swabs for applications with critical contamination sensitivity, anti-static dissipative and conductive swabs for static sensitive applications. SF Series: The "Sealed Foam" swabs have 100 PPI polyurethane foam heads for good strength and abrasion resistance. The foam is excellent for particle entrapment and retention.
Photo of POLYNIT Heatseal Hemmed Edge Wipes
A hemmed edge is one of the most effective ways to seal the edge of a wiper. Some sealed edges can be hard and abrasive. The POLYNIT hemmed edge is laser-cut, which seals the fibers at the wiper's making them edge strong and clean without detracting from the sorbency and softness of the POLYNIT fabric. The non-abrasive edge allows 100% utilization of wiper. POLYNIT wipers are vailable as validated sterile to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6 in accordance with standards and recommended practices of the AAMI Guidelines. A Certificate of Sterility is also available.
Photo of QUILTEC® I Ultra Sorbent Sealed Edge Wipes
The QUILTEC® I wiper offers the highest sorptive capacity of any sealed edge wiper available today. The Quiltec® I wiper is made by taking two layers of knitted polyester fabric and laminating them together to form a stronger, more adsorbent wipe. The resulting product has more than twice the adsorbent capacity of the individual plys because additional fluid is trapped between the two layers. Available as validated sterile to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6 in accordance with standards and recommended practices of the AAMI Guidelines. A Certificate of Sterility is also available.
Photo of EliminatR™ Spill Clean-Up Socks and Pillows
The EliminatR™ line is the only line of sorbent products manufactured completely from cleanroom compatible components. Both the outer shell and the fill materials are made from the Quitec wiper fabric. This results in products which are extremely low in both particulates and extractables. Contec's EliminatR™ Sock is designed to contain large spills in the cleanroom. The product is available in several lengths to enclose different size spills. The EliminatR™ Sock is also excellent as spill sorbent process equipment.
Photo of Cleanroom Wipedown/Cleaning Sponge
The VK Sponge by Contec has been developed in response to customers requesting a cleanroom sponge to use for general cleaning and wipe down, ideal for use in the laboratory. Derived from the VERTIKLEAN™ mophead, the VK Sponge incorporates the same high sorbency of polyester foam with the abrasion resistance of the POLYNIT fabric. The sponge is cut using Contec's proprietary edge sealing process to eliminate particulation during use.
Photo of Amplitude™ Optic Wipes
Absorbent, nonabrasive optical-grade Abaca cellulose wipes. Nonwoven, long staple cellulosic fibers are wet laid in a paper making process to form an extremely clean sheet utilized in the C5 and C6 wipers. These wipes have very low extractable levels, moderate particle generation, and are best suited for non-abrasive applications due to their low strength. Ideal for drying critical products. Used for cleaning delicate optical instruments, products and devices.  The principle difference between C5 and C6 is the higher basis weight of the C6.
Photo of PROZORB® Non-Woven Cleanroom Wipes
PROZORB® is a new line of wipes offered by Contec which has been specifically engineered as a cleanroom wiper. Made by DuPont, this Contamination Control Fabric has been designed to incorporate maximum sorptive capacity, particle removal capability and low levels of particle and extractible contaminants. DuPont utilizes a unique manufacturing step which gives this wiper the highest combination of intrinsic sorbency in any nonwoven wiper. Ask us for further test results concerning sorbency, extractibles and particle counts.
Photo of PROSAT® Si Wipers, Contec
Designed for the semiconductor industry, the PROSAT® Si utilizes a contamination control fabric from DuPont which is the cleanest non-woven wiper available. The substrate is made from 100% polyester fiber which is hydroentangled into an extremely soft, clean and strong fabric which is very low in both particles and extractables. The solvent blend of 10% 2-propanol and 90% deionized water combines cleaning effectiveness with safety. The solvent solution is filtered through a 0.2m filter and meets all SEMI specifications for metals and contaminants. ISO Class 5 compatible.