Photo of ATAGO Hand Refractometers
ATAGO hand refractometers, are handy, simple to use instruments for measuring solution concentrations. Typical applications include determining sugar concentration of food products and cosmetics and salt water concentration. Readings are taken easily and accurately in only seconds. Each refractometer comes in its own carrying case.
Photo of ATAGO NAR-3T Abbe High Temperature/High Refractive Index Refractometer

The PAL Series Refractometers are completely new and redesigned digital hand-held instruments. Their surprisingly compact size allows you to easily carry it around and use it indoors as well as outdoors. All models have automatic temperature compensation from 10-75° C. Only a 0.3mL sample volume is required. The PAL-1 (Brix 0.0 to 53.0%) works perfectly in measuring almost any fruit juice, food, or drink, such as soup, sauce, ketchup, tomato sauce, low-sugar jam, or marmalade.

Photo of ES-421 Digital Salinity Meter. Atago
The digital salt-meter, ES-421 employs a funnel-shaped sensor section (conductivity) that measures the salt % of samples such as dilute solution of soy sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, Worcester sauce, squeezed juice of pickles, etc. Requires a very small sample (1.0mL is enough for measurement).
Photo of NAR-2T Abbe High Temperature Refractometer
The NAR-2T Refractometer is designed for use with compounds which require measurement at high temperature. 120 VAC.
Photo of DR-A1 Digital Abbe Refractometer
By very simple operation that needs only to set the boundary line of refraction at the cross hairs, the DR-1A refractometer directly indicates a measured value (in refractive index or Brix ( % ) , selective ) in digits together with temperature on the display. This refractometer enables anyone to carry out measurement easily without reading of analog graduation. Automatic temperature compensation is standard. Please Note: dispersive value cannot be measured by this refractometer.
Photo of ATAGO NAR-3T Abbe High Temperature/High Refractive Index Refractometer

The ATAGO NAR-3T has been developed to give improved measuring accuracy and ease of use. This has been achieved by making fundamental improvements to the optical system, utilizing a larger scale, incorporating a high intensity lamp and using a double control knob to give quick and finer control.

Photo of RX-7000a Automatic Digital Refractometer
The RX-7000a is an excellent refractometer which allows direct reading of refractive index, temperature-corrected refractive index and temperature-corrected Brix of various liquids. The prism is a durable sapphire prism which is scratch and corrosion resistant and assures a sustained high-reliability measurement. It is best for measuring oils and fats of high melt point, higher refractive index perfumes, organic solvents, etc. The RX-7000a has manual calibration which compensates for the difference in standard liquids and measurement values by other refractometers. 120 VAC.