Photo of Corning 8950-24 PYREX 60° Angle Distilling Connecting Adapters

These PYREX® 60° angle distilling connecting adapters have a 24/40 outer joint at the upper end and inner 24/40 joints and on the sidearm and lower joints. This tube is also a replacement part for organic chemistry kit No. 6949.

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Photo of Corning 6949 Chemistry Kit with 24/40 ST Joint Components

This basic Corning® kit is supplied complete with drawer-size polyethylene case in which components are mounted in foam. The kit’s PYREX® components all use 24/40 Standard Taper joints for standardization. The kit's versatility enables many standard laboratory operations to be performed, such as: distillation, reaction with gas evolution, preparation or recovery, simple reflux, reflux with addition, fractional distillation and vacuum distillation. The case is approximately 130mm x 256mm x 343mm.

Photo of Corning 6795-171 Scholar PC-171 Magnetic Stirrer

The 5" x 5" plastic top Scholar™ PC-171 Stirrer is compact and provides vigorous stirring with an alternating current motor for longer life and rugged construction. It operates on 120V/60Hz and is UL and CUL approved to meet needs in North America and other locations with similar requirements. Space saving design is light weight. UL, CUL and CE approved. 1 x 3/8 inch stir bar (No. 401435) included with each stirrer. 1 year warranty.

Corning 6795-210 PC-210 Analog Magnetic Stirrer with 4"x5" Top

These Corning® stirrers have a durable glass-ceramic 4 x 5 inch Pyroceram® top and offer superior performance and reliability in a low profile, space-saving design. Exclusive closed-loop stirring control monitors and regulates the stirring speed for aqueous, viscous, or semi-solid solutions. A stronger, larger magnet improves stir bar coupling and stirring capability.

PYREX¨ disposable glass centrifuge tubes are manufactured from Type I borosilicate glass. They are available in four sizes: 5, 10, 15 and 50mL and in two styles: either threaded for disposable phenolic screw caps or with a tooled rim for secure snap cap sealing. These tubes feature more consistent uniform wall thickness, a well-formed conical tapered tip and durable tip radius. The optimally shaped tip design allows for easy removal of samples following centrifugation.

These heavy duty PYREX¨ conical centrifuge tubes are made with increased wall thickness for greater mechanical strength. In order to conform to outside diameter and overall length limitations imposed by centrifuge rotors and supports, it has been necessary to reduce the capacity of these heavy duty tubes. Graduations are with durable white enamel. The 10mL size is graduated upward from tip in 0.1mL divisions. The 40mL size is graduated in 0.5mL divisions to 10 mL, and from 10 to 40mL in 1mL divisions.

These 250mL PYREX¨ distilling flasks are for use according to standard methods in the distillation of gas oils. Flasks take a No. 1 rubber stopper.

These Class A PYREX¨ volumetric flasks have machine-blown bodies to which are sealed heavy-beaded, heavy-tubing necks, tooled for PTFE color-coded keyhole stoppers. For replacement stoppers see Corning No. 7630. The graduation line is sharp and permanent. Large white block letters make the inscription easy to read. These Class A volumetric flasks have been manufactured to Class A tolerances as established by ASTM E- 694 for volumetric ware, ASTM E-542 for calibration of volumetric ware and ASTM E-288 for volumetric flasks.

Photo of Corning 9850 PYREX® Rimless Flat Bottom Culture Tubes

Corning PYREX® 9850 flat bottom reusable rimless culture tubes are ideal for plant tissue culture and general culture work. The flat bottom facilitates use with agar slants. Walls and bottoms are of uniform thickness. The tubes are rimless for greater convenience in plugging and rack storage. Optional polypropylene two position closures (Corning Nos. 26794-25 or 26795-25) can be opened for gas exchange or closed for humidified environment. Internal drip ring minimizes contamination.

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Corning® CoolCell® LX, 432138 Cell Freezing Container, for 12 x 1mL or 2mL Cryogenic Vials, 4-Pack, Purple, Green, Orange, and Pink

Corning CoolCell LX, in combination with a -80°C freezer, will provide alcohol-free freezing at the rate of -1°C/minute that is ideal for cryopreservation of most cells and cell lines. Using a combination of uniform-density cross-linked polyethylene foam, a solid state core, and radial vial symmetry, freezing profiles are consistent and reproducible. The foam is non-absorbent and will impose negligible change in the freezer environment; thereby protecting nearby frozen samples.