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Photo of Control Company 3416 Traceable® Digital Calipers

Traceable® Calipers make length/diameter measurements three ways—outside, inside, and depth. Digital display models measure to 8-inches (200mm). At the touch of a button units switch from inches to millimeters. Zero button instantly sets unit to zero when jaws are at any position. This permits, without calculations, setting a Floating Zero™ or reference point to read “greater than or less than results with a minus sign displayed”. Ergonomic design precision calipers are ideal for measuring the outside diameter of stoppers, the inside diameter of tubing, and the depth of vials.

Photo of Desi-Vac™ Vacuum Pump Desiccator Containers

Desiccator with a vacuum pump is ideal for drying, preserving, storing, and even shipping samples. Vacuum pump built into the top removes air with manual strokes. Rubber O-ring-sealed cover maintains vacuum. Achieves a vacuum of better than 200 inches of water (15 inches of mercury). A release button on top allows air into the plastic container to remove the lid. Use desiccants to keep material dry—ideal for storing chemicals, powders, sample tissues, and plant sections, and for weighing samples.

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Photo of Control Company Traceable® Full-Scale Thermometer

Readings are updated every second and displayed on a 3/8-inch LCD readout. Magnetic back allows for placement on a metal surface (incubators, freezers, water baths). Unit also incorporates flip-open easel for use on lab bench and spring fastener for clipping to any edge. Stainless-steel probe with piercing tip allows constant exposure to extreme temperatures at the ends of the range. To assure accuracy an individually serial-numbered Traceable® Certificate is provided from the manufacturer’s ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA.

Photo of  Control Company 4148 Traceable® Jumbo Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

Perfect jumbo digit thermometer for monitoring freezers, water baths, heating blocks, incubators, and refrigerators. Accurately monitor temperatures with this enclosed temperature-buffered sensor. Bottle insulates sensor from rapid temperature changes when refrigerator door is opened. Thermometer fulfils all CDC thermometer and vaccine thermometer requirements. Triple display simultaneously shows maximum, minimum, and current probe temperatures plus room temperature.

Photo of Traceable® Jumbo Display Dial Thermometer

Dedicate this thermometer to a specific test. Provides continuous monitoring for over a year. To provide for even longer battery life, the unit has an on/off switch. Thermometer is switchable between °F/°C. Wide range of –58 to 302°F/–50 to 150°C covers 90 percent of lab temperature measurements. To achieve this temperature range with equivalent precision would require over 150 mercury thermometers. Enjoy digital resolution of 0.1° from –20 to 200° (1° outside this range). Accuracy is ±1°C between –20 and 100°C. Ultra™ model accuracy is ±0.3°C at tested points.

Photo of Traceable® Radio Signal Remote Thermometer

Module transmits on a radio frequency of 433 MHz, penetrating walls, with a range of 100 feet. Data is transmitted every 30 seconds. Main unit can receive and display data from 3 different remote modules. Modules may be set to channel 1, 2, or 3. Display’s trend indicator shows whether temperature is rising or falling. Minimum and maximum memory display allows monitoring of conditions over short or long periods, including hours or months. Alarms may be set in 1° increments. Alarms sound when the temperature rises above or falls below the two set points.

Photo of Traceable® Recording Thermometer

(sensor and cable) Thermometer displays current, minimum, and maximum temperatures. Most importantly, it captures and shows the exact time and date when the minimum and maximum temperature occurred. Ideal for monitoring solutions, refrigerators, and room temperature. Range is –40.0 to 176.0°F and –40.0 to 80.0°C with a resolution of 0.5° and accuracy of ±1.5°C. Display’s 3/8-inch- high digits show MIN/MAX of probe temperature or ambient temperature, time- of-day, and month/day. Wire mounting bracket permits easy probe placement.

Control Company 4367 Traceable® Salinity Pen

Salinity Three units provide for conductivity, conductivity/total dissolved solids, and salinity. Meters fulfill requirements for CAP, ASTM, NCCLS, CLSI, ACS, CLIA, AOAC, EPA, APHA, AWWA, WEF, USGS, USP, ISO, and Federal/State regulations. Simply turn on, insert, and simultaneously read result and temperature. Easiest unit ever designed for routine analysis and quality control. Elimination of operator technique permits everyone in the lab to report identical readings. Tough, chemical-resistant, waterproof ABS plastic housing assures a long life in severe lab or harsh plant environments.

Photo of Traceable® Conductivity Standard

(CRM) Traceable® Conductivity Standards, a Certified Reference Material, are 100% compatible with all makes of instruments and probes. Traceable® Conductivity Standards are the most accurate available. Accuracy at 25°C is (±0.25 microsiemens for 1, 5, 10 microsiemen solution or ±0.25% for other solutions) or the uncertainty shown on the certificate, whichever is greater. Each bottle is labeled for calibrating conductivity (microsiemens/micromhos), resistivity (ohms), and dissolved solids (parts per million).

Photo of Control Company 4241 Traceable® Extreme-Accuracy Standards Thermometer

Four Traceable International Standards Digital thermometers provide the exact readings required for critical requirements, quality control checks, and routine measurements. Units read 0.00, 25.00, 37.00, or a combination of all three with a resolution of 0.01° and an accuracy ±0.05°C within ±2°C of standard. Units read in °C and °F. Stainless-steel probe supplied with units shows the slightest temperature change. Probe is triple purpose for liquid, air/gas, and semisolids. Accurate readings with tip penetration of 1/3-inch.

Photo of Control Company Traceable® Hi-Accuracy Refrigerator Thermometer

New high-accuracy dual thermometer, reads to 0.01 degrees while monitoring temperatures in refrigerator and freezer simultaneously or two refrigerator locations. Temperature-buffered bottle sensor insulates and eliminates rapid temperature changes when refrigerator door is opened. Patented unit fulfils all CDC thermometer and vaccine thermometer requirements. May also be used in water baths, heating blocks, and incubators. Triple display simultaneously shows minimum/maximum and current temperatures.

Photo oControl Company 4322 Traceable® Sentry Min-Max Memory Thermometer with Bottle Probe, –58 to 158°F

Triple display constantly shows minimum/maximum, and current temperatures. Instantly view if freezer, water bath, or incubator is within temperature spec. Monitor temperature of any experiment when you’re not there—overnight, weekends. Range is –58 to 158°F or –50 to 70°C. Resolution is 1° and accuracy is ±1°C. Sensor and 10-foot cable may be placed under water, in refrigerator, or freezer. Small cable diameter (1/16-inch) allows refrigerator doors to close on it with no effect. Unplugging the cable activates a sensor inside the unit for monitoring ambient room temperature.

Photo of Control Company 4227 Traceable® Memory Monitoring Plus Thermometer with Bottle Probe, –58 to 158°F (–50 to 70°C)

Accurately monitor temperatures in freezers, water baths, heating blocks, incubators, and refrigerators with this enclosed temperature-buffered sensor. Bottle insulates sensor from rapid temperature changes when refrigerator door is opened. Thermometer fulfils all CDC thermometer and vaccine thermometer requirements. Triple display simultaneously shows minimum/maximum, and current temperatures. MIN/MAX monitors high/low readings overnight, on weekends, or for any time period—a significant advantage over current reading-only glass thermometers.

Photo of Control Company Traceable® Radio-Signal Remote Humidity Meter/Thermometer

Traceable® Radio-Signal Remote Humidity Meter/Thermometer receives a radio signal from the remote wireless sensors. It eliminates the cable. Place the main unit at your desk or bench. Place the remote sensor module in labs, ducts, and storage facilities—even outdoors. Remote sensor sends humidity and temperature signals to the main digital display. Transmits on a frequency of 433 MHz. Range is 65 to 100 feet, depending on the location or number of walls. Relative humidity range is 25 to 90% with a resolution of 1% and an accuracy of ±2% RH mid-range to ±4% RH elsewhere.

Photo of Control Company 3351 Hand-Held Illuminated Magnifier, 1.5" Diameter

Magnifiers provide an in-focus and highly defined view of surface details, illuminating uniformly over the field of observation. High-powered magnification has universal application for precise scientific, plant, and fieldwork. Illuminated magnifiers are supplied with AA replaceable batteries. Replacement battery Cat. No. CON1111. Replacement bulb Cat. No. CON8707.

Photo of Control Company Illuminated Portable Pocket Microscopes

Pocket Microscope magnifies view. An indispensable tool for anyone who needs to see things at high magnification in bright light, with true color, high contrast, and a sharply defined focus. Hand held unit is perfect for inspection, quality control, field use, electronics, metal analysis, clinical observation, cloth/paper examination, and plant studies. Adjustable light source directs the bright bulb onto the exact area to be examined. An adjustable focus control knob produces a rock-solid view. Case is chemical- and shock-resistant ABS plastic.

Photo of Control Company Fold-Up Magnifiers

Hands-Free™ Magnifiers allow two-handed examination of objects. They provide a sharp, crisp, distinct image with vivid enhancement of details. Some sizes provide battery-powered brilliant illumination for precision work (batteries supplied). Designed specifically for use in quality control, labs, food, electronics, manufacturing, and universities. White ruler markings in both inches and millimeters on the lower panel assist in making measurements. All-glass optics assure perfect focus with zero distortion. Magnifiers fold twice for compact storage. Replacement battery Cat. No. CON1111.

Photo of Traceable® Manometer/Pressure/Vacuum Gauge

Manometer displays gauge and differential pressure/vacuum in eleven different units. Response time is 0.5 second. Simple hose fittings on the unit permit using hose/tubing with inside diameters from 1/16 to 3/16 inches. Large 5/8-inch-high digits are visible from six feet. At the touch of a button unit may be zeroed or any pressure may set to zero. Differential feature permits reading the difference of the pressure or vacuum between two different sources. Memory feature recalls highest and lowest reading over any time period.

Photo of Control Company Traceable Digital Long Stem Thermometers

Control Company Traceable Digital Long Stem Thermometers replace your mercury and glass thermometers. Perfect-sized unit fits into flasks, cuvets, test tubes, and beakers. Read temperatures in foods, gases, samples, reagents, water baths, and semisolids. Stainless-steel probe is resistant to most laboratory chemicals. Extra long stem allows user to make measurements while stirring solutions in deep vessels. Displays –58 to 572°F –50 to 300°C. Resolution is 0.1° from –20 to 200 (1° outside this range). Accuracy is ±1°C between –20 to 120°C.