Lab Supplies

Since 1978, General Laboratory Supply has been dedicated to providing top rated lab supplies by Corning, Kimble, Nalgene, Samco, Troemner, Whatman and Wheaton. General Laboratory Supply makes it easy for you to find the lab supplies you need when you then them. We offer a wide range of laboratory supply brands and products such as Bottles, Flasks, Filtration Products and Pipets for all your laboratory needs.

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Photo of 60 mL BOD Bottles

These 60 mL BOD bottles are used for incubating diluted samples of sewage, sewage effluents, polluted waters and industrial wastes to determine the amount of oxygen required during stabilization of the decomposable organic matter by aerobic biochemical action. Interchangeable ground stoppers are tapered to prevent air entrapment. Bottles have a flared lip for water seal. A white marking area on the bottles makes it easy to identify samples.

Photo of Qorpak Natural HDPE Commercial Cylinder Bottles with White PE Foam Lined Caps

These narrow mouth commercial cylinder style bottles are conveniently packaged. All bottles are supplied with white PP Sturdee-Seal¨ caps that have a PE foam liner. Caps are attached.

Photo of Rectangular HDPE Graduated Carboys with Tubulation. Nalgene

High-Density Polyethylene carboys have a rectangular shape for more efficient use of laboratory space. Molded-in graduations. Large neck opening (3-1/2") for easier filling and cleaning. Tubulation and bottle are one-piece molded. Built-in shoulder loops have sturdy, stainless steel handle attached. Tubulation takes tubing with 1/2-inch (13mm) I.D. A hose clamp should be used when attaching tubing to ensure a tight fit and avoid leaking. Closure size is 100 mm.

Photo of Fluorinated Solvent Wash Bottles. Nalgene

Self-venting fluorinated high-density polyethylene bottle with red fluorinated polypropylene closure/stem. Non-metallic vent keeps solvent in bottle. No risk of solvent leakage. Offers low permeability and excellent chemical resistance to many organic solvents. Useful over a temperature range from 0° C to 90° C. "Solvent Wash Bottle" silk-screened in red. Fluorinated HDPE reduces the risk of absorption of the solvent into the bottle itself.

Photo of Nalgene DS3111 Friction-Fit Polypropylene Closures for Plastic Centrifuge Tubes

Polypropylene friction-fit closures designed for all NALGENE round and conical centrifuge tubes. May not provide liquid-tight seal during high-speed centrifugation. Cat. No. DS3111-0030 fits round, non-lipped 50-mL centrifuge tubes only.

Photo of Nalgene 4102 Polypropylene Erlenmeyer Flasks

Polypropylene Erlenmeyer Flasks for general laboratory use. F3720-7 has molded-in graduations. Liquid level easily visible.

Photo of Nalgene 4103 Polycarbonate Graduated Erlenmeyer Flasks

These graduated flasks can be used for preparation and storage of culture media and many culturing techniques. Polycarbonate construction is far safer than glass flasks for use in shakers. Repeated autoclaving may result in some loss in mechanical strength.

Photo of Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer Flasks with Screw Closure

Use for preparation and storage of culture media and many culturing techniques. Far safer than glass flasks for use in shakers. Closures are linerless polypropylene, noncontaminating. Flasks and closures are autoclavable, but polycarbonate shows some loss of mechanical strength after repeated autoclaving. Before autoclaving, set closure on top of the container without engaging the threads.

Photo of PTFE Erlenmeyer Flasks with Screw Closure

Combine the excellent chemical resistance of PTFE FEP with the convenience of a ETFE screw closure. They're unbreakable, nearly transparent, non-contaminating, and resist virtually all chemicals. Withstand temperatures from -270¡C to +205¡C; closures from -100¡C to +150¡C. Can be autoclaved or chemically sterilized repeatedly. Before autoclaving, just set cap or closure on top of the container without engaging the threads. Useful with all organic solvents, concentrated oxidizing agents. Can be boiled in concentrated nitric acid for trace metal work.

Photo of HDPE Pipet Jars

Tough, stiff, seamless cross-linked high-density polyethylene jars resist stress-cracking. Ideal for soaking glassware, washing pipets with corresponding NALGENE rinsers and baskets. Flanged base for added stability. Make excellent large general purpose containers and come with dust covers. "Caution: Concentrated sulfuric acid will cause pipet jar to fail. When cleaning pipets with a sulfuric acid-dichromate compound, the acid concentration must be 60% or less." The formula shown on the jar's label is effective and lasts longer than standard solutions.