Photo of Control Company 3326 Labtool II

Stainless-Steel Labtool II™ with aluminum handle is the ideal device to help with lab needs. Fourteen tools provide for hundreds of laboratory and plant requirements—use the opener for chemical bottles, the saw to reduce cork stoppers, the knife to cut tubing, and much more. Supplied with pliers/gripper, wire stripper, wire cutter, ruler, small knife, large knife, serrated knife, punch, flat head screwdriver, Phillips™ screwdriver, bottle opener, needle, saw, and serrated stripper. Pocket size unit measures just 3-1/2 inches when closed, weight is 7 ounces.

Photo of Control Company 3327 Mini-Labtool II

Stainless-Steel Mini-Labtool with aluminum handle is 13 tools in 1. Complete with pliers/gripper, wire stripper, wire cutter, knife, flat head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, scissors, file, saw, bottle opener, can opener, and key-chain. Unit measures just 2-1/2 inches when closed, weight is 3 ounces.

Photo of Cartilage Knife with Stainless Steel Blade
Cartilage Knife with stainless steel blade and riveted wooden handle. Blade length, 90mm. Total length, 216mm.
Photo of Control Company 3310 Microprobes

Six scientific shapes for manipulation of micro work. Microprobes are ideal for lab applications—positioning samples under a microscope, dissecting, inspecting, soldering, gluing, and all micro-manipulation in the lab. Probes are excellent for hooking small springs, packing columns, cleaning miniature parts, and soldering boards (solder will not stick to probes). Precision-ground, highly polished, hardened, and tempered stainless-steel instruments are designed for quality-control and experimental requirements. The tips are hand-honed to needle sharpness.