Tissue Grinders

Photo of Potter Elvehjem Tissue Grinders with PTFE Pestle
Precisely constructed with completely interchangeable parts. For use in preparation of tissue homogenates, etc. PTFE pestle for soft tissue such as brain or liver. ¼ in. (6mm) diameter stainless steel rod. Grinding chamber clearance is .004 to .006 in. (0.1 to 0.15mm). Although unit can be used for power homogenization, we strongly recommend jacketed or safety coated tissue grinders for user safety. Unit can be autoclaved.
Photo of Tapered Tissue Grinders with PTFE Pestle
PTFE pestle for soft tissues, such as brain. Stainless steel rod is long enough to chuck into a suitable drive motor.
Photo of Tenbroeck Tissue Grinders
All-glass Tenbroeck tissue grinders with precision made interchangeable pestles and tubes. Clearance between pestle and tube .004-.006 in. (0.1-0.15mm). Designed for hand operation, but can be slow-speed motor driven by inserting a rubber stopper and metal rod into pestle. Hollow handle permits packing with ice. Expanded reservoir and pouring lip. For tissues such as liver, intestines, and heart. Wheaton-33 low extractable borosilicate glass.
Photo of Dounce Tissue Grinders
For small cells such as E. Coli, proteins, serum and malignant tissues. All-glass Dounce tissue grinders designed for fine particle size reductions without damage to cell nuclei. Supplied with two interchangeable pestles for use in the same tube. Pestle "A" is ground and polished to a clearance of .001-.003 in. Pestle "B" to .0025-.0035 in. Mortar has large reservoir and pouring lip. Wheaton-33 low extractable borosilicate glass.