Tissue Culture Supplies

Photo of Falcon™ In Vitro Tissue Culture Plates.
Falcon™ 4-well In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Plates are made of nonembryotoxic, noncytotoxic, tissue-culture treated polystyrene. The virgin crystalline polystyrene is optically clear and tissue-culture treated for a more hydrophilic surface. Unique lid provides access to 2 wells at a time while 2 remain covered. Certified sterile, nonpyrogenic and non-embryotoxic. Certificates with test results are available.
Photo of Nunc Tissue Culture Coverslips
Nunc manufactures plastic coverslips in several different styles. Plastic coverslips are treated to obtain a surface for good cell attachment and growth. These products have an approximate thickness of 1.0mm and are radiation sterilized. Thermonox coverslips are tissue culture treated on one side to provide an excellent culturing environment. The Termanox plastic is highly resistant to solvents including those commonly used for electron microscopy. Thermanox has a very low dissolved O2 content. Coverslip cuts easily with a scalpel or microtome without shattering.
Photo of Falcon™ Primaria™ Treated Tissue Culture Dishes.
Falcon™ Primaria™ Cell Culture Dishes with Easy-Grip™ design are made of surface-modified polystyrene for enhanced cell culture. Falcon™ Primaria™ cultureware features a unique nitrogen containing tissue-culture surface chemistry that improves attachment, spreading, and growth for many primary cells or cell lines. No special storage required. Sterilized by gamma irradiation, nonpyrogenic. Supplied with lids.
Photo of Falcon™ 60 mm In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Dish.
Falcon™ 60 mm In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Dish, nonembryotoxic, noncytotoxic, tissue-culture treated polystyrene, with lid. The virgin crystalline polystyrene is flat, optically clear, and tissue-culture treated for a more hydrophilic surface. Packaged in special resealable bag. Certified sterile, nonpyrogenic and non-embryotoxic. Certificates with test results are available for each lot.
Photo of Nunclon Tissue Culture Dishes
Nunc manufactures a variety of dishes with culture areas ranging from 9 to 500cm 2. Dishes for adherent cell culture have the Nunclon D surface. In addition to physical tests and appearance, Nunclon D products are checked routinely for cell growth properties. The Nunclon D 245 Square Dish has a culture area of 500cm 2. It is used for culture of large quantities of cells. Nunclon D dishes are of high optical quality providing excellent and consistent viewing where microscopic examination is required. Nunc dishes have top and bottom stacking rings.
Photo of Nunclon Tissue Culture Flasks
Nunc Tissue Culture Flasks feature the Nunclon D surface which provides excellent cell attachment and growth. Nunc offers a choice of cap styles on larger flasks. 80cm 2 and 175cm 2 flasks are available with filter caps, polyethylene plug seal screw-caps and phenolic caps. The polyethylene caps for the 80cm 2 and 175cm 2 flasks have two modes of closure. In the vent position air exchanges takes place through a labyrinth which minimizes risk of contamination. In closed position the plug-seal prevents any air or liquid from escaping.
Photo of Nunclon SoLo Flask
The unique, low-profile design of the Nunclon D SoLo Flask increases the amount of usable growth surface, while optimizing incubator and storage space. The SoLo flask offers an expanded 185cm 2 culture area within the same external dimensions as a 150cm 2 flask. As a result, four SoLo flasks can be stacked in the same space as three conventional flasks. The large bore, angled neck facilitates pipette and cell scraper access to the 185cm 2 growth surface. The special, flat bottom, tapered shoulder area provides stability to prevent media from splashing into the flask neck during handling.
Photo of Nunc Sterile Lab-Tek Chamber Slide Systems

Use the Nunc Sterile Lab-Tek Chamber Slide System to grow anchorage dependent cells directly on the microscope slide without cell transfer prior to visualization or staining with the unique removable chamber. Use the same slide later for staining and microscopic examination. Works with 75mm x 25mm slides. Writing surface provides easy identification of samples. Medical-grade silicone sealing gasket can be removed for cover slipping. No cell transfer needed prior to visualization/staining. Useful for viral and mycoplasma testing, chromosome studies, toxicity tests and immunocytology.

Photo of Falcon™ Tissue Culture Flasks.
Falcon™ Cell Culture Flasks are made of tissue-culture treated polystyrene. Available with straight or canted neck. Choose blue plug-seal or phenolic screw cap. Vacuum-gas plasma tissue-culture treated polystyrene for uniform surface chemistry, cell attachment, spreading and growth. Plug-seal screw cap provides closed or "open incubation" positions. Lined black phenolic screw cap for optimal sealing when closed. Graduations, writing patch. Medical style, peel-open bags have convenient reseal tabs. Sterilized by gamma irradiation, nonpyrogenic.