ASTM Like Thermometers, Spirit Fill

Photo of Thermco ASTM Approved Blue Spirit Filled Non-Mercury Thermometers

ASTM approved non-mercury blue spirit filled thermometers have the same specifications as the mercury ASTM thermometers. Each is designated for an ASTM method, serialized, filled with a blue non-mercury liquid with a white background for easy reading of temperature values. Ships in square plastic tube.

(Sample Photo Displayed. Individual items may differ from the image shown)


Photo of ASTM Range Thermometers, Blue Spirit Filled (Non-Mercury).
Thermco® spirit filled ASTM Thermometers are made in accordance with specifications of the American Society for Testing and Material. Strict manufacturing procedures and quality controls insure full compliance to ASTM E-1. These instruments are made from annealed glass and have been extensively aged for minimal scale error and stability. Many crossover to the IP standard listed alongside the ASTM number. These thermometers were designed for specific testing and can be calibrated to your specific requirements.