Sampling Supplies

Photo of A-60 Brass Tank Sampler

Brass sampler with cork that snaps open from an extended line. Obtains samples from storage tanks, tank cars and drums. 4" O.D.

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Photo of PTFE FEP Coated Aluminum Scoops
Coating is anti-stick, corrosion resistant brown Fluo-Kem® PTFE containing FEP, which complies with FDA regulations for food contact. Handle is not coated so your grip is non-slip.
Photo of Nasco Grease Trap Sampler

The Nasco Grease Trap Sampler is designed with an inside diameter of 1.38" to allow for the passage of large solid particles during sampling of grease (liquid grease and oils) holding tanks. It will not work with solid or semi-hardened materials. Unit is lowered into the liquid, the float valve opens allowing the sample to flow in. Upon reaching the bottom, the unit is raised up and the valve closes holding the sample inside. Clear tubing is marked at 1-Ft intervals. Made of two 4-Ft sections that screw together.

Photo of Large Fabricated Scoops
Large, heavy duty, polyethylene scoops are strong, durable and excellent for scooping dry powders, granules or crystals. They have a closed back, non-spill shape and an ergonomically angled handle.
Photo of Nasco Sludge Judge® Sampler

The Sludge Judge® is designed to take accurate readings of settleable solids, 5% or less, in a variety of liquids, to any depth. It is ideal for sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, and food processing facilities - anywhere that accurate sample levels of settleable solids in noncaustic materials are needed. The unit holds approximately 3 oz. per foot (89 ml per 0.31 m). The Sludge Judge® shippes in 3 five foot sections of ¾" plastic pipe with screw type fittings. The top section includes a nylon rope for raising and lowering the sampler.

Photo of Nasco Sludge Judge® Ultra Super Strong Sampler

For maximum strength and rigidity - use the Sludge Judge® Ultra! Designed for sampling 5% or less solids. It is constructed of extremely strong polycarbonate that is treated with an ultraviolet stabilizer to help reduce deterioration from the sun’s harmful rays. The material is very rigid, minimizing bending of the unit when it is full of water or other liquids. Durable in cold temperatures and it can withstand heat up to 280° F (138° C) with careful handling. The 3/4" (1.9 cm) diameter tubing is marked with blue tape to designate 1-ft. (.31 m) measurements on the tubing.

Photo of Nasco Large Capacity Sludge Judge® II Sampler

The Sludge Judge® II is made from a 1-1/4" (3.18 cm) outside diameter plastic tubing resulting in double the capacity and a very rigid unit when assembled. Designed for sampling 5% or less solids. It holds 6 oz. per foot (178 ml per .31 m) and can be assembled according to the requirements of the job. Add or subtract sections as needed, and the 1-ft. (.31 m) markers on the tubing will help identify the amount of sludge in the tank. The unit is made up of three 5-ft. (1.53 m) sections (top, extension, bottom) or individual sections can be combined as required.

Photo of Swing Sampler. Nasco
If you need to collect a sample from a horizontal flowing stream, such as a sewer, the Nasco Swing Sampler is just what you need. The end of the sampler swings, allowing collection from different angles, including 90°. The 6-Ft fiberglass pole extends to 12 ft and the 8-Ft pole extends to 24 ft. Unit comes with a 960 mL polyethylene bottle with vinyl lined leak-proof cap.
Photo of Acid/Caustic Samplers
Excellent for sampling from tank cars, tank trucks, and barges, these samplers are well suited for sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, etc. A 500 cc (16 oz) polyethylene bottle is screwed onto a 10 cm (4") long, 38mm (1-1/2 ") diameter bar which has a slot for fluid entry. The upper end of the bar is threaded to accept the handle.
Photo of PVC-55-5 Trap Thief Core Sampler, 5ft Long

Trap Thief Sampler for tanker trucks or 55 gallon drums. Rugged construction is both strong and light weight. Corrosion resistant PVC tube makes it extremely durable. The tube contains a stainless steel rod and neoprene stopper. Standard size 5 ft. tube has 2-1/2" diameter and samples 1.1qt. (1.2 liters). Weight: 5 lbs.

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Photo of A-80 Deep Tank Sampler, 16oz Capacity

Deep tank sampler with cork that snaps open from an extended line. Has a stainless steel chain permanently attached inside sampler, doing away with normal lifting handle. Ideally suited for taking samples through curving pipe. Height: 10". Diameter: 2 ½" O.D. Opening size ¾ ". Capacity: 16oz/1pt.

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Photo of A-50 Narrow Tube Brass Sampler, 32oz Capacity

Narrow tube brass sampler designed specifically for narrow openings. Obtains samples from storage tanks, tank cars and drums. Height 11", with handle extended 170-½". Diameter: 3" O.D. Weight 3-½ lbs. Opening size ¾ ". Capacity: 32oz/1qt.

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Photo of A-30 Large Capacity Brass Sampler, 1gal Capacity

Large capacity brass tank sampler with cork that snaps from an extended line. Obtains samples from storage tanks, tank cars and drums. Height: 21", with handle extended: 28". Diameter: 4" O.D. Capacity: 1 gal.

(Sample Photo Displayed. Individual items may differ from the image shown.)


Photo of Peg Leg Sampling Tube
Brass tank bottom sampler with a peg leg that forces the sampler to lie on its side when it comes in contact with the tank bottom. Height 12 inches, with handle extended 18". Diameter: 3 _" O.D. Custom sizes available. Specify opening size and capacity when ordering.
Photo of Nasco B01098WA Coliwasa Composite Liquid Waste Sampler

The Nasco B01098WA Coliwasa Composite Liquid Waste Sampler permits representative sampling of multiphase wastes for a wide range of viscosity, corrosivity, volatility, and solids content. This unit can be used to sample most containerized liquid wastes, except those containing ketones, nitrobenzene, dimethylformamide, mesityl oxide, and tetrahydrofuran. Its simple design is easy to use, and allows the rapid collection of samples, minimizing the exposure of the sample collector to potential hazards from the wastes.

Photo of Corning 1730 Snap-Seal Plastic Sample Containers

These Corning ® Snap-Seal polypropylene containers are designed for a wide variety of applications and provide a reliable leak-tight seal when closed properly. The Snap-Seal locking device keeps the cap closed and secure. The specially-designed hinged cap stays in place in use, reducing the chance of sample contamination. The containers are graduated in both milliliters and ounces, and the cap has a rough surface for marking.

Photo of Open-Ended Drum Thieves
Glass Units: soda lime glass units can be easily broken for quick disposal. Stainless Steel Units: Constructed of 304 stainless steel, units are reusable, 43 in. long.
Photo of BEL-ART Sterileware Economy Sample Spoons

These economical measures are ideal for retrieving small, specific volume samples of powders or liquids. Use a separate spoon for each material sampled to avoid cross contamination.

Photo of BEL-ART Polypropylene Sampling Scoops

These plastic scoops are rigid, strong and smooth. A flat bottom keeps them upright when filled or empty, allowing them to be used as weighing boats or to be placed on a flat surface.

Photo of BEL-ART Stainless Steel Sampling Spoons

These double-ended, 304 stainless steel sampling spoons have a solid, rounded shaft. 2 per package.

(Sample Photo Displayed. Individual items may differ from the image shown.)