Photo of HyVac® Light Vacuum Pump Oil
HyVac® Vacuum Pump Oil is a high quality, high boiling range, straight mineral oil of approximately 350 SUS at 100° F. Refined from specially selected mid-continent solvent refined paraffinic crude oils. Its low vapor pressure and other unique characteristics make it especially suitable for use in most high vacuum pumps including Welch, Precision and all HyVac Pumps.
Photo of HyVac® Vacuum Pump Flushing Oil
HyVac Flushing Oil is for use in cleaning out mechanical vacuum pumps of contaminants between oil changes. Used on a regular basis, Flushing Oil helps keep pumps running clean and allows for minimal contamination of new pump oil when it is introduced to the pump. Do NOT use flushing oil for vacuum operation.
Photo of Polyethylene Hand Pump/Siphon
The self contained Poly-Hand Pump works independently of air pressure. Requires no adapters and delivers by positive pressure on the down stroke of the piston. The pump will deliver against a 3.65-meter (12 ft.) head of water and empty a drum or carboy to within 3mm (1/8") of the bottom. Made entirely of polyethylene, it is inert to strong acids, alkalies and many solvents. All pumps individually packed.
Photo of Perimatic Premier Peristaltic Pump Dispenser. Jencons
The Perimatic Premier Peristaltic Pump Dispenser is designed for rapid but controlled dose filling of a variety of containers without splashing or frothing. The Perimatic Premier is a heavy duty, microprocessor controlled precision dispensing pump. The Premier achieves its high performance due to its precision rotor and pinch valve design. The Perimatic Premier is particularly suited to media dispensing as its 'stand-by' mode ensures constant recirculation of the reservoir contents thereby keeping the media in suspension when not actively dispensing.
Photo of Syphonette

The Scienceware® Syphonette is made from polypropylene and polyethylene and is particularly well suited to withdrawing liquids from narrow necked containers with a minimum opening of 19mm (3/4"). The inlet tube, made of rigid polypropylene, is 66cm (26") long but may be permanently shortened by cutting. Operated by squeezing the flexible bulb, the self-priming mechanism starts flow through the flexible vinyl outlet tube. Flow will continue as long as the end of the outlet tube is kept lower than the source liquid.