Pipet Fillers

Photo of Powerpette Plus Pipette Controller
The Powerpette Plus operates in exactly the same way as the standard Powerpette, but is designed in the conventional `pistol grip' style. The precision moulding of the Powerpette Plus fits the hand perfectly with the pipette holder nozzle at an angle to facilitate use within a laminar flow cabinet or biological safety cabinet. The finger triggers are concave for a comfortable and positive grip, allowing perfect control when aspirating or dispensing. Supplied with recharger, compact anti-tip stand and 2 x 0.45µm filters.
Photo of Falcon™ Motorized Benchtop Pipet Aid.
Falcon™ Corded Bench-top Pipet-Aid™ with pump. 0.2 µm filtration unit prevents most contaminants from being passed into the atmosphere. Autoclavable filtration-unit handle and hoses. Positive check valve prevents accidental fluid intake into handle. Handle assembly with pipet-accommodating nosepiece. Assemblies are interconnected by separate pressure and vacuum hoses. 115 VAC, 60 Hz pump assembly.
Photo of BrandTech Macro™ Pipette Controllers

The Macro™ pipette controller is a reliable and ergonomic alternative to rubber pipette bulbs and other manual aspiration devices. A unique valve system provides precise, one-finger meniscus control that relieves repetitive motion strain from serial pipetting operations, and is simple to operate, even by novice users. 

Product Features:

Photo of Eppendorf® Pipet Filler
Safe and convenient filling and dispensing of glass and plastic pipets. Easy-pull slide lever applies vacuum to eliminate the hand stress caused by conventional "squeeze bulb" apparatus. Single rocker-switch controls aspiration, dispensing, and vacuum to save time. Disposable, in-line filter prevents contamination. Filters and pipet connectors can be autoclaved for decontamination. Easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning.
Photo of Silicone Pipette Fillers
The three valve Pipette Filler is also available in chemically resistant silicone rubber. This bulb also accommodates pipettes up to 50mL and has a 1.4 inch diameter opening. Available in red or black.
Photo of Flip™ Safety Pipetting Ball
The patented Flip™ Safety pipetting filler is made of natural rubber and can accommodate pipettes up to 50mL with its 1/4 inch diameter opening featuring a two valve system with a removable top valve for easy cleaning and one handed use. The flip model is available in red, black, blue, green, and yellow.
Photo of Safety Pipet Fillers
Made from all natural rubber, the Fischer Technical three valve pipette fillers are imported from Germany and will accommodate pipettes up to 50mL and feature a 1/4 inch diameter opening. This filler eliminates the need for dangerous mouth pipetting. Available in red, black, blue and green.
Photo of Eppendorf® Easypet® Pipetting Aid
Precise, safe, and fatigue-free series pipetting using graduated pipets is now possible with the aid of Easypet, a lightweight, handheld device. The device responds exactly to finger pressure for slow or rapid aspiration, setting the meniscus, or emptying the pipet. Suitable for graduated pipets from 0.1 mL to 100 mL. Touch control adjustable speed for rapid or slow pipetting needs. Fine control of the meniscus movement. High aspirating speed: 25 mL in 5 seconds. One-finger control for the Dispensing and Blowout functions. Cordless, works for up to seven hours after recharging.
Photo of Safetypette Pipet Filler
The Safetypette is uniquely designed to give superior pipetting control to either left or right handed users. The lightweight Safetypette sits comfortably in the hand enabling smooth variable speed control in both aspirating and dispensing using 1mL to 100mL pipettes. Simply squeeze the silicone bulb using the thumb lever to control both the aspirate and dispense modes and speed. Compatible with blow-out and TD pipettes. Supplied with integral 0.45µm filter and colored pipette cones for safety color coding in white, mint, mauve and pink.
Photo of Powerpette Pipette Controller
Jencons' Powerpette has many unique features including variable speed control both on the intake and delivery modes, making it ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications. The lightweight, self contained design is suitable for large or small hands and incorporates long life, environmentally friendly, rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries giving over 8 hours continuous dispensing without recharging. The concave finger triggers give a comfortable and positive grip, allowing perfect control when aspirating or dispensing.
Photo of Powerpette Digital Pipette Controller
Powerpette Digital has all the features of existing pipette fillers and many more, resulting in improved dispensing precision. Programmable functions can be controlled via the keypad and LCD display located on the handle. The LCD displays all the information the user requires on operating mode, volume to be aspirated or dispensed and battery life. The unique light-weight design fits the hand perfectly, while the pipette adaptor head can be rotated to suit individual pipetting styles. Suitable for both left- and right-handed users.
Photo of BEL-ART Fast Release Pipette Pump II Pipettor Pipet Aid

These pipette pump pipet aids feature a rapid release valve for quick dispensing.

Photo of BEL-ART Pipette Pump Pipettor Pipet Aid

Provides safe, accurate and trouble-free pipetting with simple, one-handed operation.

Photo of Dynalon Kartell Pipet Filler with Plunger

Simply press plunger to fill pipette, release thumb to retract. Knurled cap adjusts the plunger stroke for repeating preset volume. Rubber chuck will hold pipette securely and safely. Comfortable grip. Will handle pipettes up to 10mL. Provided with graduations on the body molded in yellow ABS. Shipping weight is 1.19 lbs.

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Photo of Dynalon Vadosa Pipet Filler

Safety vacuum pipetting device that is easy to use. The Vadosa will draw up and measure any liquid, even the most viscous one. Vadosa fits every type and size of pipette from 0.1mL up to 25mL. It delivers even the smallest quantities with simplicity, precision and speed. Just insert a pipette into the Vadosa vacuum pipetting device, tighten the chuck, immerse the pipet in liquid, then rotate the micrometer type tap until you draw up the desired quantity of liquid. Made of acid and alkali-resistant polypropylene. Shipping weight is 0.96 lbs.

Photo of Safety Bulb® Pipettor
The Safety Bulb® Pipettor saves time and eliminates mouth pipetting. Its tapered silicone rubber seal provides an airtight fit on all size pipettes. An excellent aspirator for use with Westergren or Wintrobe sedimentation tubes. May be opened, cleaned, and steam autoclaved whenever necessary. Comes complete with an elastic cord for dedicating that pipettor to a specific reagent bottle.
Photo of Bel-Art Vikem™ Vinyl Pipet Filler

This pipette aid is used by squeezing, then releasing the bulb to draw fluid into the pipette. The pipette aid is then removed and the pipette top quickly covered with a finger to control and release fluid. The bulb is Vikem® vinyl with a tapered polyethylene chuck for quick removal when pipette is filled.

(Sample Photo Displayed. Individual items may differ from the image shown.)