Pipet Cleaning And Storage

Photo of Pipette Jars and Baskets. Bel-Art
The leak proof, molded polyethylene pipette jars (P7967-1 & -2) store and soak pipettes and will withstand all common cleaning solutions at room temperature, including sulfuric acid/dichromate. 152mm (6") in diameter. Pipette Basket (P7967-3 & -4) fits into the corresponding jar filled with pipettes. Cylindrical pipette baskets have no handle to obstruct the insertion and retrieval of pipettes. Instead, the sides have cutout handgrips for easy handling.
Photo of Pipette Rinsers. Bel-Art
High-level water entry provides an air gap between the maximum water level and the end of the water inlet tube ensuring safe and efficient operation. The Scienceware® polyethylene Pipette Rinsers provide a simple, automatic method of rinsing large numbers of pipettes at one time. The "tube within a tube" siphoning system assures rapid, complete and automatic siphoning and refilling over a wide range of inlet water pressures and flow rates.
Photo of Nalgene 5245 Pipet Washers-Rinsers for 16" and 24″ Pipets-HDPE

Attach Nalgene 5245 Pipet HDPE Washers-Rinsers to your sink water or DI tap and drain for repeated, automatic fill and empty cycling. Insert a filled pipet basket, then attach to water inlet and direct drain tubing into an appropriate drain to accept the rinse water. Turn on your water source and the wash chamber fills from the water inlet. When the wash chamber is full, a siphon forms at the drain elbow emptying the chamber through the drain outlet. Fill and empty cycles continue until water source is turned off. Pipet basket not included.

Photo of Nalgene 5242 Pipette Jars-HDPE

Soak or sterilize glass pipettes using Nalgene 5242 HDPE Pipette Jars. Cross-linked high-density polyethylene is chemically compatible for long term exposure to most acids, bases, alcohols and detergents. Jars can be used with sulfuric acid/dichromate solution if acid concentration is 60% or less. Fill jars with preferred cleaning solution then place pipettes in the corresponding Nalgene pipette basket (Part No. DS5241) for easy submersion in and retrieval from the jar. The lid slows cleaning solution evaporation and keeps contents free from debris.

Photo of Nalgene 5250 Pipet Cleaning Sets-HDPE

Nalgene 5250 Pipet Cleaning Sets provide everything you need to clean pipets. Each of these conveniently packaged sets features a basket, jar and washer. All are made of rugged, high-density polyethylene.

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Photo of Nalgene DS5241 Pipet Baskets-HDPE

Nalgene DS5241 Pipet Baskets protect glass pipets from breakage during washing or rinsing. A perforated screen in the bottom allows cleaning solutions to fill the chamber from the bottom and is recessed 0.75″ (1.9cm) for complete drainage. Use these high denisty polyethylene baskets inside Nalgene™ pipet jars to soak pipets in cleaning or disinfection solutions, then drain and transfer into the Nalgene™ pipet washer for automatic pipet washing and rinsing. Match size letter code for best jar and washer fits.

Photo of HDPE Pipet Jars

Tough, stiff, seamless cross-linked high-density polyethylene jars resist stress-cracking. Ideal for soaking glassware, washing pipets with corresponding NALGENE rinsers and baskets. Flanged base for added stability. Make excellent large general purpose containers and come with dust covers. "Caution: Concentrated sulfuric acid will cause pipet jar to fail. When cleaning pipets with a sulfuric acid-dichromate compound, the acid concentration must be 60% or less." The formula shown on the jar's label is effective and lasts longer than standard solutions.