Mortars & Pestles

Photo of Porcelain Mortars and Pestles. CoorsTek
Porcelain Mortar and Pestle. Mortar with lip, glazed outside except bottom. Pestle glazed to grinding surface. Pestle oversized for hand comfort in grinding. -M = Mortar -P = Pestle.
Photo of Alumina Mortars and Pestles. CoorsTek
AD-99.5% Alumina Mortars and Pestles are recommended for precise elemental analysis because they provide minimal sample contamination. AD-99.5% Alumina is an extremely hard (9 on Mohs scale), non-absorbent, wear-resistant material. Octagon-Style Mortar: Glazed completely except inside grinding surface. Pestle: Glazed completely except grinding surface. M = Mortar P = Pestle.