Photo of Meter Stick
Meter stick made of hard maple with lacquer finish. 1" wide x 5/16" thick. Both edges one side have centimeter markings with each centimeter mark numbered and every ten centimeter in bold numerals. Each centimeter is divided into millimeters. Reverse side is divided into inches and eights. Choose plain ends or metal tipped.
Photo of Control Company 3419 Ultrasonic Automatic Distance Measuring Meter

Simply point and shoot to measure distance, area, and volume. Designed specifically for easy and intuitive use. After one minute, you’ll never again look at the directions. LCD displays exactly which measurement is being made. One-key operation automatically performs length, area, or volume calculations. Audible beep confirms each measurement. Three distance memories and one calculation memory are maintained even when the unit is off. Memory permits computing areas and volumes from stored measurements. Calculator function permits addition/subtraction of readings.