Photo of Control Company 1600 Lab Label Maker

Quickly and easily make labels for chemicals, bottles, shelves and equipment. Self-adhesive colored tape sticks powerfully to any surface including glass, plastic, metal, rubber, or wood. Raised white letters on 3/8-inch (9mm) wide tape are readable from 8 feet. Operation is easy: dial a letter, squeeze the handle, and when finished pull down black lever in the front of the unit to cut the tape. Easy-Peel™ perforation allows the label backing to be removed quickly and efficiently. Lab Label Tape™ available in multiple colors, allows for color coding labels for specific requirements.

Photo of Multi Roll Label Tape Dispensers
The Write-On™ Benchtop Tape Dispenser (L1012A-1) has a plastic coated, weighted steel base with rubber feet to prevent slipping on the benchtop when pulling the labeling tape. The serrated cutting edge is steel for long-term use. Includes one free roll of 1/2", white Write-On™ Labeling Tape. The Economy Write-On™ Tape Dispenser (L1012A-2) is designed for lighter duty use as the plastic cutting edge is molded into the housing. There are a series of mounting holes in the unit for secure attachment with screws (not supplied) to the benchtop.
Photo of Write-On™ Label Tape Dispenser
A convenient dispenser that holds and releases tape cut to your specification. Tape rolls having a maximum diameter up to 133mm (5-1/2") are acceptable and the 7.6cm (3") core fits rolls up to 25mm (1") wide. A practical writing platform is designed to accommodate both left and right-handed users for labeling tape prior to dispensing. The epoxy-coated steel platform has finger holes for releasing the tape with a cut off edge for one hand use. A weighted base with non-skid pads prevents sliding or lifting.
Photo of Protective Lab Labeling System
A highly popular, permanent labeling system that offers great flexibility and convenience for identifying containers, cabinets, drawers, books and lab equipment. This unique system incorporates a tape dispenser, labels and clear, waterproof, wear-resistant plastic tape that fully covers and protects the label. The durable tape dispenser is molded of strong ABS plastic with a steel serrated cutting blade. The roll is held in place by a spring-loaded cover and features an aluminum roller. White paper labels accept any kind of marker.