Mason Jars

Photo of Bel-Art Wide Mouth Mason Jars, Polypropylene

These polypropylene, heavy-walled Mason Jars are ideal for industrial waste sampling, and long-term storage. They have standard 70mm G-threaded necks and polypropylene screw closures with unique grip lugs and a removable leak proof seal ring. Note: Loosen or remove closure before autoclaving.

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Photo of Nalgene 2115 Polypropylene Mason Jars with Caps

Nalgene 2115 Polypropylene Mason Jars with Caps.These durable jars have 70-mm necks which take fixtures or closures with Mason jar threads. Can also be used with Osterizer® and other blenders with Mason jar threads. Like NALGENE® bottles, these jars have a neck ring for shrink seal. Also handy for fluid transfer in the lab or field when used with NALGENE® fluid-transfer closure. Refer to that product description for guidelines. NOTE: Before autoclaving, just set cap or closure on top of the container without engaging the threads.