Büchner Funnels

Photo of One Piece Büchner Funnels

One-piece HDPE Büchner funnel with sealed-in, polyethylene filter plate of coarse porosity (90-130 microns) offers good retention and fast flow under vacuum. Useable with or without filter paper. F4803-1 will fit 170mm rubber filter adapters. Use below 52°C (125° F).

Photo of Nalgene 4280 Büchner Funnels-Polypropylene

Nalgene 4280 Two-Piece Polypropylene Büchner Funnels are lightweight and durable. Two-Piece design allows for separation for easy cleaning. These autoclavable funnels won't chip, crack or break.

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Photo of Polypropylene Büchner Funnel

Easy to clean two-piece, polypropylene Büchner funnels with perforated filter plate. Lightweight, but not top-heavy. Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250° F).