Amber Volumetric Flasks

Photo of KIMBLE® 28016 KIMAX RAY-SORB® Class A Volumetric Flasks with Color-Coded PTFE Stopper

KIMBLE 28016 KIMAX RAY-SORB Class A Volumetric Flasks with Color-Coded PTFE Stopper. These volumetric flasks are RAY-SORB® processed to protect light sensitive contents from shorter wavelength light. Flask is calibrated to contain and has a marking spot. Supplied with a PTFE Standard Taper stopper having a color-coded handle. Replacement stopper is 41901R. Designed from ASTM Specification E1404, Type II, Class 2 requirements.

Photo of Corning 55640 PYREX Low Actinic Class A Volumetric Flask with Stopper

These Class A PYREX® volumetric flasks are made from low actinic stained glass to provide protection for materials sensitive to light. The protective color is an integral part of the flask, which retains its mechanical strength, chemical stability and thermal resistance. The strength of these flasks has been increased appreciably through machine-blown bodies to which are sealed heavy-tubing necks tooled for No. 9 Standard Taper glass stoppers. For replacement stoppers see No. 7650.