Iodine Determination Flasks

Photo of Corning 5400 PYREX® Iodine Determination Flasks with Glass No. 22 Standard Taper Stopper

These PYREX® iodine determination flasks are blown in specially designed molds, thereby insuring uniformity and proper contour. The stopper projects above the liquid seal trough to facilitate removal. For replacement stoppers, see Corning No. 7640N. Reference: ASTM D-29 and D-555.

Photo of Kimble 27200 KIMAX Iodine Determination Flasks with PTFE Stopper

Kimble 27200 KIMAX Iodine Determination Flasks with PTFE Stopper. The 250mL flask used in the analysis of dry shellac and shellac varnishes with Wijs iodine monochloride solution and may be used to determine the total iodine value of oils, fatty acids and bodied oils with Rosenmund-Kuhnhenn reagent (ASTM D1541). The 500mL flask is used in the testing of drying oils for use in paints and varnishes, either with Wijs solution or with Hanus iodine-bromine solution (ASTM D555). Supplied with size 22, yellow-handled PTFE stopper. Heights shown below are without stopper.