In-Line Filter Discs

Photo of VACU-GUARD™ Vacuum Filters. Whatman
VACU-GUARD is a vacuum protection filter device designed to prevent fluid and aerosol contamination of vacuum pumps or aspiration suction systems and, at the same time, eliminate hazardous exhaust. Installed in the tubing line immediately before the vacuum source (vacuum pump, etc.), the device solves a long-standing problem with suction systems/vacuum pumps. Elimination of pump and vacuum system damage provides an economic incentive to install VACU-GUARDS on all such systems.
Photo of HEPA-VENT In-Line Filters. Whatman
HEPA-VENT is a disposable in-line filter device that will retain 99.97% of all particles greater than or equal to 0.3m. HEPA filter media is used throughout the scientific, research and industrial environments to provide clean/sterile air and gases. The HEPA-VENT housing is 1.8 inches long by 2.1 inches and is constructed of polypropylene. The filter media is glass microfibre that has been laminated on both sides with a monofilament and treated to be mildly hydrophobic. Filtration area is 16 square centimenters.