Filter Funnels

Photo of 3-Piece Filter Funnel. Whatman
Whatman 3-Piece filtering funnels are quickly dismantled and ready for the insertion of new filters. The glass sealing flanges of the funnel and reservoir are ground flat to ensure a good filter seal. All retained solids are deposited within the filter circle. The edge clamping prevents peripheral loss and possible passage of solution around, rather than through, the filter circle. The parts can be quickly and efficiently cleaned because of the simplicity of design. For quick and easy filtration, Whatman 3-Piece filter funnels are available with a choice of three plates.
Photo of Filter Funnels for Membranes. Whatman
These glass vacuum type filter funnels are ideally suited for filtration in gravimetric analysis, bacteriological controls and in biochemical applications. Available in three different funnel capacities, and with either a glass frit (GF) or S/S screen (SS). Support for either 25mm or 47mm diameter membranes.
Photo of FilterCups Disposable Filter Funnels. Whatman
Convenient, easy filtration. The FilterCup is a disposable filter funnel that comes in a range of 70mm diameter filter media. This convenient device is molded from polypropylene with an integral, heat bonded filter. FilterCups offer you a choice of 3 glass microfiber and 3 cellulose filter media. These devices hold a 250mL capacity and have greater than a 31 square centimeter filtration area.They are usually used under vacuum with the FilterCup Stem (available separately). FilterCup units snap easily into and out of the stem which is compatible with filtering flasks and stoppers.
Photo of Nalgene Analytical Test Filter Funnels with CN Membrane-Sterile

Nalgene Sterile Analytical Test Filter Funnels with Cellulose Nitrate (CN) Membrane are for microbiological QC testing and analysis of water, food/beverage, raw material and finished product. The squeeze and twist funnel is easy to remove for retrieval of the CN membrane. High impact polystyrene collars are rugged for reliable performance. Meets requirements of APHA Standard Methods and EPA requirements for water quality work. 250mL sizes are useful when testing beverages that may foam. Cat. No.

Photo of Nalgene 130 Series Sterile Analytical Filter Units with CN Membrane

Use Nalgene 130 Series Sterile Analytical Filter Units with Cellulose Nitrate (CN) Membrane to recover and grow microorganisms for QC testing and analysis of water, food and beverage, raw materials and finished product. Complete, efficient filter units have an easily removable upper and filter membrane. Upper chamber snaps away from receiver for retrieval of membrane with sterile forceps. Receiver is graduated from 20 to 150mL for easy reading of sample volume.

Photo of Nalgene DS0396-0080 Filter Stoppers for Disposable Filter Units

Nalgene DS0396-0080 Filter Stoppers for Disposable Filter Units F2665.

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Photo of Nalgene 300 Series Reusable Filter Holders with Receiver-Polysulfone

Nalgene 300 Series Reusable Polysulfone Filter Holders with Receiver eliminate the need for a manifold and/or breakable glass vacuum flask. Receiver is graduated. Two side-arms allow connection to vacuum line; also accept syringe filters. Chamber accommodates 47 or 50mm membranes (not included). Tubing adapter can be stuffed with cotton for sterile venting; accepts 1/4-in. to 5/16-in. (6- to 8-mm) I.D. vacuum tubing. Cover allows convenient storage of sterile filtrate. WARNING! All NALGENE Filterware is for research use only, not for in vitro diagnosis or parenterals.

Photo of Nalgene DS0310 Filter Holders with Funnel-Polysulfone

Nalgene DS0310 Polysulfone Filter Holders with Funnel can be used in conjunction with any filtering flask or manifold that accepts a suitable rubber stopper with hole. Graduated upper chamber for easy sample measurement. These filter holders with funnel provide an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable filters and are washable and autoclavable.

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Photo of Nalgene DS0315 Reusable Filter Funnel with Clamp-Polysulfone_250mL

Nalgene DS0315 Reusable Polysulfone Filter Funnel with Clamp can perform high throughput particle and microbiological QC testing. The quick release clamp provides fast and easy retrieval of membranes for efficient processing of large numbers of samples. The durable, break-resistant polysulfone funnel is strong, non-toxic and can be repeatedly washed and autoclaved. Reservoir graduated from 100 to 250mL in 25mL increments. Aluminum clamp allows one-handed operation and easy membrane replacement.

Photo of Nalgene Sterile Disposable Analytical Filter Funnels with Cellulose Nitrate Membranes_150mL

Nalgene Sterile Disposable Analytical Filter Funnels with Cellulose Nitrate Membranes allow easy retrieval of filter membranes for growth and analysis. With a convenient snap-away design, these filters are particularly useful for large volume microbiological QC samples. They are compatible with filter manifolds and filtering flasks. Each funnel comes with a removable 47mm diameter x 0.45μm Triton™-free cellulose nitrate membrane with gray grid. These funnels can be used with filtering flasks and manifolds.

Photo of Nalgene DS0345 Three-Place Vacuum Manifold with PTFE Stopcocks

Nalgene DS0345 Three-Place Vacuum Manifold with PTFE Stopcocks allow for easy funnel manipulation with the widely spaced outlets. This stable benchtop unit is made of high quality stainless steel and has three vacuum outlets each with leakproof two-way valve and vent port. Teflon™ stopcock on each valve shuts off flow when fewer than three outlets are used. For use with Nalgene analytical filter funnels or Nagene test filter funnels. Includes: Three vacuum outlets, each with two-way valve and vent port; hose barb vacuum connector for 0.38″ (9.5mm) I.D. tubing.

Designed by Dr. H.E. Morton of the University of Pennsylvania, this convenient 250mL PYREX® bacteria-filtering assembly has an ultra-fine porosity (0.9 to 1.4µm) fritted disc that eliminates the need for rubber stoppers and the usual difficulties encountered when sterilizing rubber. Bacteria-free solutions are obtained as a result of the following design features: -The 10mm sidearm on the apparatus permits the insertion of a plug. -A recess at the bottom of the outer ground joint also allows a plug. -The unit will withstand the repeated autoclaving usually employed in laboratories.