Centrifugal Filters

Photo of 2mL Centrifugal Filters, Non-Sterile. National
These centrifugal filters are good for sample volumes up to 2 mL. The 5 mL capped conical receiver tube collects filtrate during centrifugation. 5,000 x G maximum centrifugal force. Use with bench top or floor model centrifuges.
Photo of 750 µL Micro-Centrifugal Filter, Non-Sterile. National
Filter volumes as low as 50 µl up to 750 µl, with low hold-up volume. Use with any laboratory microcentrifuge. Virgin polypropylene filters with 2 mL, capped microcentifuge tube.
Photo of VectaSpin 20 Centrifugal Filters. Whatman
Whatman VectaSpin 20 centrifuge filters are ideal for the quick and easy preparation of a wide range of laboratory samples by centrifugation. Quick and easy-to-use. 20 mL sample capacity is ideal for large volume samples. Screw top cap for easy sample storage. Produced from pigment free polypropylene to eliminate sample contamination. Applications include: Easy particle removal from large volume samples, Environmental sample filtration, Sample preparation and collection, Ligand binding studies, Buffer exchange.