Capsule Filters

Photo of Polycap™ GW Disposable Filters. Whatman
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local Departments for Environmental Protection protocols specify filtering ground water samples with a 0.45 µm filter when analyzing dissolved or suspended metals (EPA Method 3005). Specifically designed with field sampling in mind, the Whatman Polycap Ground Water sampling capsule can be used as a convenient in-line filter unit. Connects directly to outlet of a sampling pump. Large surface area optimized to provide at least 600 cm² of effective filtration area to ensure rapid sample collection.
Photo of Polycap™ HD Disposable Filters. Whatman
The Polycap™ HD (Heavy Duty) family of disposable filter capsules offers both high filtration efficiency and extreme purity due to the materials and methods of manufacture. Filter media is monofilament anisotropic polypropylene (MAPP). Four ratings, two sizes. Polycap™HD devices provide the field of laboratory filtration with an unique new tool, offering a broad capability between the gross paper filters and the microporous membranes used for absolute filtration.
Photo of Polycap™ AS Disposable Capsule Filters. Whatman
Polycap AS is a unique product recommended for filtering aqueous solutions. It combines a glass microfiber (GMF) pre-filter and a nylon membrane, prolonging the life of the filter and allowing larger volumes and difficult samples to be filtered easily. This microporous membrane is inherently hydrophilic and biosafe. It also has low extractables as well as excellent flow rates. The microfibre depth media is a prefilter of unsurpassed quality. It is radiation and autoclave stable. Prefilters are included in all Polycap AS capsules to prolong the life of the device.
Photo of Polycap™ SPF Serum Prefilters. Whatman
Polycap SPF (Serum Pre-Filter) is an exceptional product that is optimized for pre-filtration applications and is typically used upstream of a Polycap AS or Polycap PES capsule. Ideal for hard-to-filter solutions such as serums and protein solutions. Suitable for filtering serums, viral suspensions, nutrients, biologicals, immunologicals, enzymes and buffers. Polycap 36 SPF has a filtration area of 260 cm2, Polycap 75 has 535 cm2. Autoclavable. Connection codes: (S) = stepped barb, ¼" to 3/8" tubing, (H) = ½ " hose barb.