Hydrometer Cylinders, Glass

Photo of Corning 2962 PYREX® Hydrometer Cylinders

These PYREX® hydrometer cylinders have a large hexagonal base sealed to the cylinder body to increase stability. Breakage is minimized by the heavy wall construction. Meets ASTM specifications D-287 and E-100.

Photo of Kimble 20058 KIMAX Glass Hydrometer Cylinder Jar with Pour Spout

Kimble 20058 KIMAX Hydrometer Cylinder Jar with Pourout is a plain, ungraduated cylinder with a hexagonal base flat ground for stability. For use, size hydrometer overall length to cylinder height where hydrometer O.D. is smaller than cylinder I.D. Approximate wall thickness is 1.5 mm. Ref: ASTM Method D287, D1298.

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