Graduated Cylinders, PMP

Photo of Nalgene 3663 Graduated Cylinders PMP Plastic

Nalgene 3663 PMP Graduated Cylinders produce no meniscus to confuse readings. Cylinders are suitable for food and beverage use. Guaranteed to meet accuracy requirements of ASTM Class B, E1272, "Cylinder, Graduated, Laboratory, Glass" and all requirements of ISO Standard 6706 "Plastic Laboratory Ware-Graduated Measuring Cylinders ( except sizes -2L and -4L)." Large blue base prevents tipping. All sizes have generous pour spout. Can be chemically sterilized without affecting accuracy. Can be autoclaved, but accuracy will be affected. PMP resin meets requirements of CFR 21, Part 177.1520.

Photo of Bel-Art Clear Plastic Graduated Cylinders, Polymethylpentane

Clear TPX® (polymethylpentene) plastic cylinders are non-wetting to prevent a concave meniscus, making the raised numeral, single scale graduations easy to read.

Photo of Nalgene™ 3665 PMP Economy Graduated Cylinders with Pour Spout

These clear polymethylpentene cylinders exhibit good chemical and impact resistance and include easy to read molded-in graduations that won't rub off. Transparent, break-resistant and non-wetting. No meniscus to confuse readings allow for accurate measurements. Large, ribbed, rounded base provides reinforcement and stability to keep from rolling or tipping. Good temperature resistance up to 135°C (275°F). Calibrated "To Contain/To Deliver" at 20 °C.

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