Cryogenic Vials

Photo of Nunc CryoTube® Vials
Tightness in the cap and excellent temperature resistance make CryoTubes especially suited for storing samples at very low temperatures and, in general, where a high security for tightness is required. Manufactured from specially selected polypropylene, which combines a high degree of transparency with the ability to withstand low temperatures. CryoTubes, with inside treads, have a silicone gasket ensuring a tight seal. Recommended working volume and writing area are printed on the tubes.
Photo of Nalgene 5000 Sterile Polypropylene Cryogenic Vials

Nalgene 5000 Sterile Polypropylene Cryogenic Vials. Suitable for storage from general cold storage refrigeration (+4°C) down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen. These polypropylene cryogenic vials are externally-threaded for aseptic technique. High-density polyethylene closure. Basic design is similar to linerless closures used on Nalgene bottles and carboys " a sealing ring in conjunction with specially designed threads. White marking area, fill line and graduations printed on vial. Radiation-sterilized, non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic. Self-standing. WARNING!

Photo of Nalgene 5012 Sterile Cryogenic Vials with Screw Caps-PP-Bulk Pack

Nalgene 5012 Sterile Polypropylene Cryogenic Vials with Screw Caps are for storage in mechanical and vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezers, at temperatures from –80 to 121°C. Sealing ring, in conjunction with specially designed threads, permits secure closure in approximately 2-1/2 turns. Thread position — internal for screw-cap, external for vial — greatly reduces risk of contaminating vial contents. Deep-skirted closure allows single-handed aseptic technique without exposing fingers to vial contents. Bulk packed 1000/case for economical purchase.

Photo of Nalgene 5005-0015 Sterile Cryogenic Solid Specimen Vial with Screw Closure_15mL

This sterile cryogenic specimen vials is designed for storage of solid specimens. For use in mechanical freezers only. Wide-mouth, shoulderless vial allows easy access to sample with forceps. Polypropylene vial with HDPE linerless closure. Certified non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic. NALGENE® Cryogenic vials are for research use only, not for in vitro diagnosis or parenterals. WARNING! Do not use cryogenic vials for storage in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen unless correctly sealed in Nunc CryoFlex tubing.

Photo of Nalgene Sterile SYSTEM 100 Cryogenic Vials

Nalgene System 100 Cryoware will help you save money and freezer space by increasing storage capacity by 23 percent over 81-place boxes. System 100 is the only system that allows the storage of externally-threaded vials in a 100-place CryoBox. The system consists of two sizes of gasketed polypropylene vials that can be centrifuged up to 8000 x g, a storage box that holds 100 vials, and a 25-place vial holder with increased spacing around the holes for easy vial retrieval. White marking area, graduations and fill line printed on vials. Radiation sterilized. Non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic.

Photo of Accessories For Nunc Cryotube Vials
Nunc's CryoSystem consists of a broad selection of CryoTube Vials, accompanied by an array of accessories which facilitate the use of CryoTube Vials for sample identification, storage and transport. CryoColorCode Inserts fit inside the CryoTube Vial cap. CryoStore chipboard boxes store vials neatly and fit standard rack systems. They are supplied with dividers and are vented for good drainage. CryoStore canes are made of aluminum for liquid nitrogen use. They are compatible with Nunc CryoTube vials.