Cryogenic Boxes

Photo of MAX CryoStore Boxes
The three MAX CryoStore Boxes provide orderly, convenient storage for CryoTube vials and microcentrifuge tubes. The durable boxes are designed for use in mechanical and liquid nitrogen freezers. The MAX-100 and the Mega MAX-100 allow storage of 100 internally threaded vials in the same space required for 81 vials. Boxes come complete with a 10 x 10 removable divider, which can be replaced with a 9 x 9 divider for larger externally threaded vials. The divider may be removed for storage of larger containers. The MAX-100 accommodates 1.0mL to 1.8mL Cryotube vials.
Photo of SYSTEM 100 CryoBox for 100 vials
Polycarbonate CryoBox is designed for ultralow temperature storage of one hundred SYSTEM 100 cryogenic vials or other similar size, externally-threaded vials and most internally-threaded vials. Increases freezer storage capacity by 23 percent over boxes that hold 81 vials. Usable temperature range of -196°C to +121°C. Transparent lid has printed grid for inventory purposes, permits viewing of contents and is keyed to prevent misalignment. 5-1/4" L x 5-1/4" W x 2-1/16" H.