Counters, Digital

Photo of Control Company 3133 Counter Pen

Counter-Pen™ is a combination marker and digital counter designed for the lab and plant. Each time a black mark is made with the felt-tipped pen, it automatically sounds a beep, and LCD displays the counts. Use it to count cell growth on petri dishes, inventory parts, and tally samples received. Touch, sound, and count occur simultaneously. Impossible to make an error, even when interrupted—marks hold your place and counter holds your total. Durable ABS plastic unit provides audio/visual counts to 99999 with reset button, on/off switch, and pen cap.

Photo of Control Company 3129 Digital Counter with Key-Chain and Wrist Strap

Key-Chain/Wrist-Strap/Carabiner Digital Counter is designed for ease-of-use and fail-safe counting. Features include display count to 99,999, two year constant use battery, water-resistant O-ring-sealed with shock-resistant ABS plastic case, button click for count confirmation, and recessed “no accident” reset. The Digital Counter eliminates gear and miscount problems associated with mechanical counters. Diameter is 1-7/8 inches by 1/2 inches and weight is less than an ounce. Replacement battery Cat. No. CON1039.