Photo of Cotton, Absorbent, Sterile, U.S.P.
This is the finest grade of sterile cotton for use both in first aid and as an absorbent medium in extraction work. Supplied in sealed packages. In 1 lb. rolls, 12".
Photo of Control Company 3119 Dust'It Blower

Powerful bulb duster forcibly blows away dust, lint, and dirt. It provides high-pressure, pinpoint jets of air exactly where desired. Varying the “squeeze” provides for controlled delivery. One-way inlet valve at the top stops air/dust from being drawn through the tip. Non-conductive plastic sleeve-tip prevents scratches and permits cleaning optical lenses, slides, circuit boards, and cuvets. It’s ideal for delicate, difficult-to-clean, and inaccessible equipment. Dust’it™ provides the best environmentally safe solution. Size is 2-1/4 diameter x 5 inches. Weight is 2 ounces.

Photo of Cotton Gun Patches
Made of 100% woven cotton flannel. No polyester to leave gummy residue build up. Sold in case of 10,000 patches.