Photo of Spilfyter® Industrial Wet Wipes
Dual textured, industrial strength wipes. The wipes are a lanolin based, citrus scented degreaser that dissolves grime. The wipes will work on the toughest grime, grease, tar & printers ink. Safe for use on skin. Also acts as a rust inhibitor.
Photo of Control Company 2050 Certified Cotton Cheesecloth

New wipes are certified to be 100% pure cotton of reagent-grade quality and purity. They meet all lab requirements for cleanliness, softness, absorbency, and strength. Cheesecloth Wipes absorb 6 times their own weight of both solvents and aqueous solutions. They never scratch surfaces or fall apart like paper towels. Use them to wipe cuvets and microscopes, clean cameras, and dry delicate glassware, syringes, pipettes, and pH electrodes. Because they are inert to even harsh solvents, they are ideal as a filtering material.

Photo of KIMTEX® Oil and Solvent Wipers. Kimberly-Clark

KIMTEX® Wipers in a POP-UP® Box are reusable, heavy-duty wipers for use with oils and solvents. Polypropylene construction for cloth-like feel and long-lasting performance. Low-lint cleaning performance absorbs quickly for big cleanups. Applications for KIMTEX® Wipers include: printing, automotive pre-paint, food and chemical processing, mechanical repair, aircraft manufacturing and steel mills. Blue color.

Photo of Kimwipes® Two- & Three-Ply Laboratory Wipes
Extra low lint Kimwipe® laboratory wipes are suitable for graphic arts, healthcare, plastics manufacturing. Strong, extra absorbent. Quickly absorb liquid and dust. Wipe clean without contaminating. Soft, nonabrasive; won't scratch most delicate surfaces. One-at-a-time pop-up dispenser pack with plastic shield over slot reduces lint and electrostatic discharge. Made from 100% virgin wood fibers. White.
Photo of WYPALL X60 TERI Reinforced Wipers

WYPALL X60 TERI Reinforced Wipers bring the absorbing power of HYDROKNIT technology to a lighter weight wiper. Reinforced for extra scrubbing and cleaning power. Tough enough for big jobs -- soft enough for face and hands. White color.

Photo of Wypall® Kimtowels® All-Purpose Wipes

Wypall® brand Kimtowels® are highly absorbent tissue wipers in white or tan. Wipe surfaces clean and dry. Durable towel has textured side for tough jobs, soft side for more delicate jobs. L-20 wipers offer greater strength and durability than L-10 wipers. Produced using recycled paper. Pop-Up® boxes dispense one fully opened towel at a time. Band wrapped packages have 50 wipers in each band.

Photo of Kimwipes® EX-L Delicate Task Low-Lint Wipes. Kimberly-Clarke
Kimwipes® by Kimberly-Clarke are extra low-lint wipers suitable for polishing glassware, cleaning instruments or other delicate tasks. Soft, nonabrasive cellulose-fiber wipers won't scratch most delicate surfaces. Absorb many times their own weight. In handy dispensing packs with special plastic guard in slot to reduce airborne lint, keep contaminants out of box, and reduce electrostatic discharge. Made from 100% virgin wood fibers. White.