Lens Cleaning

Photo of Control Company 2067 Optik Wipes™

One swipe makes eye glasses sparkle. Designed specifically for wiping goggles, lenses, eyeglasses, gauge windows, plastic glasses, fume hood windows, optical parts, and microscopes/magnifiers. Clean smudges, dirt, dust, and the static that attracts them. Wipes polish with one swipe. Works equally well with glass and plastic. Premoistened cloths easily remove oil, grease, and lint. Nonwoven cloth is premoistened with a unique formulation. Strong, nonwoven cloth is soft and lint-free. Constructed of cellulose and polyester, it will not scratch surfaces or fall apart.

Photo of Disposable Lens Cleaning Station
For economy, convenience and efficiency, this self-contained, disposable station combines cleaning solution and lens tissues. Fabricated of coated paperboard, the 14 x 21 x 21cm high (5-5/8" x 8-1/8" x 8-1/4") station has openings for wall mounting. The station contains a generous supply of 600 lens tissues 13 x 20cm (5" x 8") and a 237mL (8oz) polyethylene spray pump bottle filled with non-silicone fluid that protects, polishes, anti-stats, and anti-fogs your lenses. No Air Shipment.
Photo of Kleen View™ Lens Cleaning Station. Gateway Safety

Kleen View™ lens cleaning solution is anti-fog, anti static and safe for most plastic safety glasses. Packaged together with soft, non-abrasive tissues. The disposable lens cleaning stations are made of durable cardboard for operations where a maintenance-free station is preferred. Disposable stations are available in two sizes: the large size contains a 16-ounce bottle of cleaning solution and 1600 tissues; the small size contains an 8-ounce bottle of cleaning solution and 500 tissues, ideal for offices and other small facilities.

Photo of Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner
Carry Liquid Lens Cleaner in your pocket or purse ready to clean glass and plastic lenses anytime, anywhere. Only one drop on each lens cleans and provides anti-static as well as anti-fogging protection. Supplied in a convenient 59mL (2oz) cylinder bottle with turret type dispenser cap, the fluid can be dispensed in a single drop or stream. The polyethylene bottle is 35mm (1-3/8") diameter x 100mm (4") tall. 2 per bag. No Air Shipment.
Photo of Lens Cleaning Solution
Lens cleaning solution in a 473mL (1 pint) polyethylene bottle. Can be used to refill S1635A, Lens Cleaning Station. Spray pump for bottle is included in each case of 12 bottles.